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Very late to the game, me, but wanted to throw the recs in anyway.

Speaking of which, I've very much into Once Upon a Time right now, particularly Rumpelstiltskin and Belle. And I've discovered something rather frustrating: I no longer know how to participate in a fandom. I'm almost at a loss of where to start (except the fic-reading. I always know where to go look for fics.)

A Little Princess - Largesse - A few years down the road, Sara contemplates her future and the future of others.

Anastasia (1997) - She Talks with Her Mouth Full - Anastasia’s talent at haggling is akin to her talent at kicking people under tables.

Anne of Green Gables - The World in a Grain of Sand - "I want to know . . . not just believe . . . that the world is round." --Katherine Brooke, Anne of Windy Poplars

Babysitter's Club - Home is Where You Hold it Together - Dawn has to hold it together, because she's the only one who can.

Beauty and the Beast - Enchanted Life - A day in the life of Mrs. Potts while she was an enchanted teapot.

**Disney Princesses/Fairy Tales - Seven for a Secret - Seven Happily Ever Afters that weren't. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Disney.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) In The Mirror - When Alcine tends to the fire that night, the lady is already in bed, silver ringlets peeking out from underneath her nightcap. Her face is creased with sadness and her hands tremble as she plucks at the quilt. The rose rests on a pillow, its garish pink highlighted by the worn hue of her skin. The lady holds the mirror in one gnarled hand.

Almost ritually, the lady brings the mirror up high and says, "Show me the Beast."

Bourne Legacy - we all go the same way home - When Aaron Cross gets a message from his past, he's not prepared for what it means for his future.

Bourne Legacy - New Reality - Once the chase is over and the bullets stop flying, Marta is still struggling with her new reality.

Bourne Legacy - Bury My Heart On the Coals - Aaron and Marta - this is what happens after.

**Boxcar Children - Henry James - Henry James Alden was fourteen years old when his parents died and he became responsible for his sisters and their baby brother.

**Calvin and Hobbes - Attack Chickens, Children, and Other Hazards of Suburban Life - “I'd hate to have a kid like me.” - Calvin, The Authoritative Calvin And Hobbes

Clueless - They Say We're Young and We Don't Know, we won't until we grow - Not everything can be planned out, and love least of all.

Crazy Stupid Love - Five Things Cal Taught Jacob - Or, the one with the Coin Bears

Earthsea - Mother Tongue - The women of Earthsea: falling, flying, stealing, speaking. Post-Tehanu.

Elementary - Three Anniversaries: A Love Story - Not all great love stories are about romance.

Disney Princesses - Star Princess of Far Away and Long Ago - Long, long ago, and far, far away, princesses held their own.

Dredd - Just a Regular, Bonafide Badass - Six months in the life of Judge Cassandra Anderson, street judge.

Or: Anderson's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Robot-Filled Life

Final Fantasy VI- The Joker and the Thief - A chance encounter five years before the game begins sows the seeds for an eventful friendship for two young men whose lives haven't gone the ways they hoped.

Ghost Hunt - Something in the Silence - Lin is a quiet but integral part of the dynamics that make up SPR, something driven home as they investigate the bold youkai that haunts Mai's neighboring apartment.

His Dark Materials - Applied Heresy - In matters of natural philosophy as well as in love, Marisa finds herself surprisingly distractable.

**His Dark Materials - Kneeling to the Frozen Lights - Lyra is a grown up sort of woman, and it's not everything she thought it would be.

Jurassic Park - carrion crows on the motorway - Not every kid once had a favorite dinosaur.

Jurassic Park - Trixie Seven - Ellie stays behind to get a closer look at Triceratops, and discovers more questions than any actual answers. Live dinosaurs means that paleontology isn't extinct, it just has to evolve.

The Last Unicorn - The Idea of the Flame - Schmendrick and Lír share a fire.

The Last Unicorn - You Were Alone in a Strange World You Created - In her absence, winter had fallen upon her lilac wood.

The Last Unicorn - Starting Out on a Journey - When she visits - not nearly often enough for him - life in the castle comes to a halt.

Lockout - Some Minor Burglary in the Pursuit of a Higher Truth - Snow took a long drag on his cigarette. "This is not my idea of a hot date."

Greek and Roman Mythology - unravelling - Ariadne has a brother who is a secret, who is a monster. She does not know he is a monster yet: for that is the secret, and she does not even know he is her brother, for that comes later. She has heard the howls at night, of course, but it is a very long intuitive leap from mysterious noises to Minotaur, so she is to be forgiven for not figuring it out sooner.

What she does know is that her mother cries sometimes, when she thinks Ariadne is asleep.

Greek and Roman Mythology - if not, winter - Remember this, when Persephone falls: she was earth’s daughter, and the earth swallowed her.

Greek and Roman Mythology - Vivat Regina - Persephone tells her side of the story.

Mansfield Park - Six (Eight) Times - Married life is, perhaps, not all Fanny and Edmund hoped it would be.

Matilda - Hopes and Fears and Fidgets - Four things Matilda wanted to be when she grew up, and one thing she became.

Shakespeare - Perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. - Perhaps, the story went this way. Perhaps, it went that way. Perhaps.

Millennium Trilogy - The Queen in Yellow - Skogsrå could steal the lives of good men with a kiss, but Lisbeth didn’t come with a tail belted underneath her clothes to explain how she got her maw around good people and made them bad. There was no Christian church wedding to purify the Midas rot from her soul.

Millennium Trilogy - The Girl Who Came to Baker Street - They’re an odd looking group, John thinks, stuck with handing the cabbie some cash while the others pile out and head up the walk. Then again, there’s nothing for it; Lisbeth certainly has her own aesthetic sense, as distinct as Sherlock’s if far less formal. And if she looks odd in the company of three other men, she certainly doesn’t seem to feel odd - -she’s practically plastered to Sherlock’s side.

Not that John has noticed.

Norse Mythology - Balance to the Flame - Sigyn understands duty and sacrifice, but even more importantly, she understands love. (Sigyn and Loki, from the beginning to the very end.)

Norse Mythology - Odinstattur - Once, Odin was young. Once, Odin was foolish. Once, Odin cross-dressed. And thereby hangs a tale.

Norse Mythology - The Lidless Eyes of Night - Sigyn is holding the bowl.

Norse Mythology - Blood Brothers - Even the wisest of gods cannot see all ends.

Norse Mythology - mix their mead with malice - He is what they require him to be.

Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner - what the moon sees - What do kings and queens speak of, while their crowns are off and their kingdoms sleep?

Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner - strengthen me with raisins, refresh me with apples (for i am faint with love) - Irene's cravings are oddly specific, but Eugenides is resourceful.

Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner - The Education of Kings - In which Sophos learns that being king is nothing like he imagined

Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner - Dexterity - In which Costis needs to learn to stop lowering his point in third, Phresine tells a story, and Eugenides steals the very stars from the sky.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Three Moments of Thought - She thinks few women are as lucky as she is now, and even fewer queens.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Strange Little Girl - In which Snow White finds the wine cellar, teaches some old birds new tricks and thinks purity might be a bit overrated.

But not necessarily in that order.

Snow White and the Huntsman - Ivory and Gold - Like a spill of corrupted blood through the veins of history she snaked, forging pathways never before seen, rewriting time itself even as she reflected ever outward a perfect, unchanging beauty.

Snow White and the Huntsman - The Drunkard and the Mad Queen - The Huntsman drank to remember.

Snow White and the Huntsman - of the start and the end - She wants them both.

Snow White and the Huntsman - remember this when you are queen - Snow White took the throne. But there are many ways of being a woman with power, and it takes more time to be recognized as a true ruler.

The X-Files RPF - in the declining years of the long war - David thought playing Mulder again would be easy; he did spend almost a decade doing it after all. But the entire time he’s been back in Vancouver -- only two weeks, but it feels like so much longer -- he’s felt off-kilter and at loose ends. It’s not until Gillian’s there that he feels like himself again.

The Wallflowers - Enciente -">be the change - Colin lived in his apartment for almost four years before he ever said more than a “Hello,” or “Good morning,” to the girl in 6C, Allison Darling.

What's Your Number? - Someone Like You - Ally and Colin find a way through.

World War Z - Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA - In releasing the 50th anniversary edition of this unparalleled chronicle of what has come to be known, formally, as World War Z, we are celebrating the profound impact this work has had on our understanding of a deeply troubled part of our world’s history. Not all the stories of the war are ready to be told. Not all the stories of the war are ready to be heard.

Young Avengers - Strange Aeons - Victor von Doom is not a babysitter, glorified or otherwise, despite the way his day is going.

Push - Reunion Song - Cassie’s been with her mother for two weeks when she has the first vision of him.

Push - Kick at the Darkness - Cassie and Nick go on a Division-sponsored road trip. Cassie kicks at a few things.

Push - Eventual - This was always going to happen.

Push - she won't let me in there - It’s a stupid mistake, Cassie knows. It’s a stupid mistake, but Nick doesn’t let it go.
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