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I tell you Haruno Sakura is my favorite character on Naruto and you still proceed to call her a retarded bitch within six minutes of our coffee...

I'm not going to be sure what you want from me.
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I feel a subtle shift in me now that the last Harry Potter movie is over and done with. I've been thinking about it the last few weeks and it's been slowly, but surely, taking over my life. I've been decluttering and packing away old, precious things. It's a little sad, but inevitable, I think. Well. Until I have a room to display it all again. Of course.

The last movie was a wonderful experience; it can never match what I felt when I read the book, but it approximated something close to it. I had some good friends to experience the movie with and I thought it was good that they put in that epilogue in. We needed a laugh after all that seriousness!

So. Yeah. Harry Potter. Over.
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Now that the moment of unabashed fangirling is done and passed, lets go take a look at the things that bothered me.

This is a better-worded, better-written, and more articulate piece about X-men and superhero movies/comics in general!

Alexander Chee's critique of the American superhero comics>

spoilers for X-men: First Class and creaky attempts at meta )

Even with all its flaws, I adored it. I guess this is partly why I even wrote this rather confusing ramble; you can recognize something for its problems and still love it!

Also. Michael Fassbender is beyond hot and he and James McAvoy have the sort of onscreen chemistry I'm always wishing for. YUM.
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This, oh my gosh, this.

This is what I wanted the prequel to be. Essentially a look at the tragic friendship and love Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier have (had, will always have) for each other.

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy completely made these two characters their own. You could see echoes of their future counterparts, and it felt so completely natural.

I am in love.
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I finally got around to watching Series 5 and the Eleventh Doctor and you know what?

I like it. I actually do like it. Matt Smith has definitely grown on me (though that first episode... dude. Both he and Amy got on my nerves.) and Amy is, well, strangely cute. Really cute. Really, really cute. It's the Scottish accent. Or those shorts!

And Rory? I love Rory!

Menage a trois? I think so!

A year was enough time to remove RTD's Doctor from my head and allow room for Moffat. The only thing is that there sure seems to be a lot of horror going around in Series 5. Most of the episodes (with the exception of the two-part finale) are of the horror genre and that didn't occur to me until I finished watching the season. I know that's Moffat's thing and what he's good at, so I wasn't terribly surprised... but man. It got kind of old.

The magic isn't quite the same; I don't think it could be the same. It's a distinctly different style and it's a little more frenetic (ha, is that even possible?) than RTD was. And I think that's a good thing! (and I am all the more grateful that Tennant left with RTD and the changing of guard; I have the feeling that this series would have been awkward with Tennant as the Doctor at this point. He doesn't fit into Moffat's new vision of the world and, well, it probably would have grated on me for a number of reasons.)

Overall, the best summary I could give is that each episode was likeable, but there was no episode that stood out to me. Does that make sense? There were some kind of crap episodes during Series 1 - 4, but there were also those episodes that I can't help but watch over and over again. With Series 5, it was more like, pretty good... and meh. That's something to ponder.

Also, such a minor point, but after Donna and Ten, the contrast of Eleven and Amy (so young!) was a little startling.


Mar. 29th, 2011 01:20 pm
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Not that I post much anymore, but it never hurts to try new things out.

It's a lovely, dreary day. Rain and clouds are underrated.
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I debated a good while about it, since I'm going to be busy with fundraisers in the local Seattle area, but... I decided to, anyways.

[ profile] help_japan is getting a massive response and it heartens me.

My offering is here. Due to Seattle Japan Relief and related, my story will most likely take longer.
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Please donate if you can!

Seattle Japan Relief

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I'm not sure if anyone on my flist actually still likes Sailor Moon, but it was a big part of my childhood and I'm sure it was a big part of someone else's and maybe still? I have a bunch of random SM stuff - stickers galore, cards, pencil boards, notebooks, playing cards. Silly stuff, mostly. I've been reluctant to get rid of them the past, oh, fifteen years, but it's time. I'm trying to pare down my 'stuff' and this is a good place to start.

If anyone would like to give them a good home, I'll be happy to ship! (the slowest, cheapest path of course)
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I've been dropping in and out of FMA for years now, catching up here, reading a bit there, and over the past month, I've finally read all twenty-seven volumes (OMG IT ENDED).

I'd forgotten just how much I loved this series. It's an amazing read if you read it from start to finish with no pause; you realize just how tight and well-arced the story is and how the characters fit in with each twist and turn. I can't spoil it, but I have to say that I was quite pleased with the ending and though I wouldn't have minded a bit more of an epilogue (it seemed rather rushed to me...), overall, this one of those perfect manga series. Doable length, no-thousand-character-lists, no volume-long battles (well, kind of). It's what I'd label an 'almost perfect manga'. It joins Fruits Basket, One Piece and Monster for me and it's going to stay on my bookshelves, methinks.

And also.


The story and characters make me giddy. Very giddy. Am a little late joining the party, alas.

Also. Was it me, or did everyone get rounder as the series progressed? The faces, the muscles, everything...
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Second part and this one is a killer because this is the section that has 'fairy tales'... almost the reason why I read/participate in Yuletide in the first place.

* Stars denote a more specific rec. And/Or more love.

Yuletide Recs F - L: Chronicles of Narnia, Fairy Tales, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy XIII, Gargoyles, Greek and Roman Mythology, Howl's Moving Castle, His Dark Materials, Graveyard Book, Jurassic Park, Little Mermaid, Love Mode, Love Actually )
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Doing Yuletide recs this year and have decided to be slow and methodical about it. Huh. Strange feeling.

*Stars denote a more specific rec.

Yuletide Recs A-E: A Little Princess, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Alice in Wonderland (2009), Anne of Green Gables, Archie, Beauty and the Beast (1991), Babysitter's Club, Bourne Trilogy, Burn Notice, Calvin and Hobbes, Despicable Me, Earthsea - Ursula K. Le Guin )

I'm really enjoying the fics I've read so far, though I feel like I'm missing something...
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I received the loveliest, loveliest Yuletide fic, for a fandom I have so little to read for, especially good fic.

I'll Still Be Here in the Morning by Anonymous. Love Mode, Jin/Katsuki

Whoever wrote that, must either have read through my recs and fics and known what I'd wanted, because that's what I wanted! I am so unbelievably happy with this fic! It makes me all giddy and excited and I've already copy and pasted it to my hard drive so I can read it whenever I want. =) Katsuki is one of those idiot characters that somehow turn into the character you really identify with. I loved, loved him and the relationship between him and Jin. This fic really captures what I love most about the pairing. =)

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You know, you don't really think about it at first; there's so much going on in the seventh book, that all the stories meld together into this single narrative that you get drawn into and then the next moment, poof! you've finished and are now grumbling about the epilogue. (For the record, I'm now mostly neutral about the epilogue. Coulda definitely lived without it, but I get why she wrote it the way she did.)

I remember not liking Dumbledore a great deal through sections of the series, like in PoA through OotP, and in HBP, it was odd to start liking him again. And then you get the whole Dumbledore backstory in DH and you think, oh. so that's it. No wonder. And it really changes your perspective on this guy you thought was as big a manipulator as anyone else in the series; he's still a manipulator, but you can almost love him for it. (Sort of...)

I guess this is just me professing a love for Professor Dumbledore. I'm not sure why the sudden upwelling of emotion, but it might have something to do with rereading books six and seven and remembering how much I loved those books and the fact that I quite think Albus and Gellert have one of those sorrowful stories that are always there, lurking in the background, but don't surface enough so that it's shoved in your face. The story itself is obviously still all Harry's; it's just that if you think about it, if you really think about it, it was very much Albus' story as well.

And I can't help get all weepy and stupid over things like Grindelwald not telling Voldemort where the wand is, Albus delaying his duel with Gindelwald because he was afraid of knowing his greatest fear - who actually killed Ariana, the long estrangement between him and Aberforth, and the fact that Albus really was alone in the world, for all people said the school and staff were his family. But considering it took Rita Skeeter to give us something even resembling a history for this character, I'm thinking that for a large part, Dumbledore never let anyone close enough to have them truly become his family.

Okay. Now I'm all maudlin. It's the holidays, I swear.
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So, this is a bit of an odd question, but I'm not sure where to even begin looking.

I've always wondered if there were even stories in regards to this out there. The idea comes from an unrealized script where Rose discovers that her whole life has been manipulated by the Doctor in order to turn her into the ideal companion. This was supposed to be episode 11, but due to certain issues, Boom Town was written instead. Here's the link

Synopsis: Involved the revelation that the Doctor had been manipulating Rose's life in order to turn her into the ideal companion.

Obviously, this is season 1 of New Who, so it's the Ninth Doctor. I feel like there must be one or two fics which have tackled this idea, but I've been combing various archives and it's slowgoing since there's no obvious filtering technique that will allow me to find such a specific plotline. -_-;;

Any suggestions would be loved!
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It was lovely, and that's all I really need to say.

Of course I've got gripes about it, but who doesn't when a favorite series is made into a movie? But overall, I knew where it was going and why it was going, and that played a great deal into my enthusiasm for the future second part in July.


I do love Emma Watson, and I hope she continues acting.
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The first part of the seventh HP movie is coming out in a few days. Midnight tickets are bought, group outfits are assembled, and supplies for the waiting period prior are packed.

But strangely, I'm a little reluctant to see this movie. It's the same way I felt about the seventh book; I couldn't bear to read it at first, because I knew no matter how many times I could riffle through the pages and read it again, there's nothing like that very first time, each new page and direction filling you with thrills and sorrow. You honestly don't know what's going on, and no matter how much you've theorized or discussed or bet, it's unveiling itself in front of you, like some sort of cosmic canon map. It's the same with this movie, which I wager will be a tearfest by the end. I cried when I finished reading the seventh book; no doubt I'll be a sobbing, phlegmy mess by the end of the second part. (for one thing, how am I going to sit through Snape's death without going to pieces?)

As a movie, that's weird. I know exactly who is going to live and who is going to die. Technically, that movie will show nothing new. They're not going to randomly kill off, say, Minerva McGonagall, for dramatics. They're not going to give Fred Weasley a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. They split the movie, and while the point of that was to make loads more money (which does not bother me), it also means that those moments in the books that gave us all pause? Time will be (hopefully) given to them. We're going to lose Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Snape, Lupin, Tonks, Colin, Mad-Eye Moody, Vincent, and maybe we'll even get a mention of those like Rufus Scrimgoer, who died protecting Harry, or Ted Tonks, who should have gotten more than a passing mention, or Charity Burbage, whose death started the book out.

1998 was when I became a fan of HP and you could say that I feel melancholy that in a matter of months, it's going to be over. (no matter if she writes and eighth, ninth, or tenth book... HP ended at seven for me, even if I do read and enjoy her future works). After the second part, we're not going to have more movies to look forward to (unless someone goes off the deep end and decides that making a movie about MWPP-era would be a great idea) and certainly, no matter how dramatic that sounds, an era is over.

Doesn't make me sad, per se, but it does brings up the chance for me to write pseudodeep, emotastic posts about it.

Kinda worth it in the end.
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Title: "Stop, Rewind"

By: [ profile] demeter918

Disclaimer: X-men and its collective entities, interests, and related material does not belong to me.

Notes: For the long-suffering [ profile] heeroluva, who bid on me months and months and months ago in the Haiti auction. It took me longer than a pretentious wine to get the right rhythm and this became the Looming Elephant In The Room. All I have to say after this unforgivably long time? I haven't worked this hard on a fic in years. And after all that writer's block? I have been feeling a lot more juice (ew, fluids) in these hands o' mine.

Not that, um, it means I have anything new. -_-;;




It's a terrible thing, the way time changes things. )
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Is anyone participating in [ profile] help_haiti? I'm offering a fic here and I'd like to see if someone on my flist has also participated so I can seek you all out. Have made a donation to Doctors Without Borders, but I feel relatively useless so after a bit of thought, I'm participating. Hopefully, it'll help out in a tiny way.

Everyone should have seen the various links now scattered about donating. The non-profit I'm currently supporting is Doctors Without Borders. Please bid on something at [ profile] help_haiti or donate a little to the group/any verifiable non-profit. Every bit counts and a dollar is just as important as ten or twenty.

Remember: Always check the group you're thinking of donating to. Not just to see whether the group is legit or not, but where your donation may fund. Some groups have a poor ratio of administrative costs versus actual charitable givings and activities.

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