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I run into a shiny thing and run after it before I get distracted by another shiny thing. This is why I am never talking about any one thing for too long. Though occasionally, a series (like Doctor Who or Fruits Basket or Final Fantasy or Naruto or... you get the idea) will catch me for longer than the usual four to six weeks. Yes, I am in fact a mail-order fan!

I realized the other day that I don't actually have a place where every single one of my fanfics are. They're scattered across the intarwebs! Oh noes! Someday, someday it'll be all somewhere, but I think LJ is probably the best place to start, so just check my tags. No, I do not have a Master Fic List because I am a Master Lazy Butt.



Personal Rec Journal: fruitytimes - but I'm not so good at keeping it updated. Like, at all. I keep trying though.

Friending Policy: there is none.

I've lived in Japan for three years, lived in China for months here and there, have traveled all over the world and intend on traveling until they drag my body off the plane. I am not as, uh, fandom-y as I once was; real life has a way of taking over, y'know? But I made a 2012 resolution to be get more involved, or at least, to balance it a bit! All work and no play makes Deme a sad, uh... ray... yeah...

Happy Happyiness!
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