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Or, rather, it might be.

Keanu Reeves to star in Cowboy Bebop movie.


I kind of want to wail "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" but who knows? Maybe he'll do an amazing job. Maybe. I have a hard time seeing him as Spike and I'm now wondering who the hell is going to play Faye (oh, I hope they don't mess that up) and Jet. And Ed! I hope they get the perfect girl for Ed... like... um... okay. It's going to be hard to find someone to play Ed, but you know? Summer Glau of Firefly fame gave me a kind of long-legged, loose-limbed, eccentric air. Add hyperosity and a dash of tape, she could plausibly play a youngster? Maybe?

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*cries* I'd forgotten how difficult it had been to read the manga series, have it end where it ended, and then to watch the Reflections OAV right after.

This was and still is one of my favorite series of all time. It was such a huge part for me when I was a teen and it's been so long since I've reread it and, and, and, and!

Oh, dammit. I'm just a pile of sobbing crap right now.


(I remember tearing up whenever I saw cherry blossoms for several years after. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?)

And Kenji, Kenji.

... I'm thinking this is going to happen periodically for the rest of my life. Hoo boy.
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Dude, I really wish I understood the appeal of High School Musical.

The new season of Smallville is wonderful; Lois and Clark moments abound! I've been waiting since, well, season four for this to start and get some steam going. I know, essentially, the Clark and Lana relationship had to resolve first, but it took so very, very long.

House is not very interesting this season, thus far.

I keep missing Bones.

I finally watched the second X-Files movie and it... was... odd.

I need to find a new anime-viewing-partner since I left all mine back in Japan. *weeps*

Is it weird that I don't like the Twilight books, but I can't wait for the movie to come out? I totally want to be in the theatre for that and see how they do 'sparkly vampires' and whether a screen!Edward would tick me off quite so much.

The Chaos;head anime is strangely hilarious. Creepy!Otaku for the win!

I just read Yotsuba and seriously, one of the funniest manga I've read of late. No relationship drama! No angst drama! No four-panel comedy sketches! Just lots of wackiness, and I am so into it right now.

I'm finally catching up with Tsubasa and XXXholic.

Catching up with Inuyasha is something I'm debating right now; can I really go through fifty+ volumes of Inuyasha/Kagome angst again?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are somewhere on that list.

I bought five new yaoi manga volumes yesterday, and I haven't touched them yet. I was perusing the shelves and there sure are a lot of new ones. As in, there are ones I never thought would get translated and published in the US.

I'm really boring today.

That is all.
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Having just learned about this from [ profile] beckerbell, I am just about ELECTRIFIED in COMPLETE AND UTTER GLEE. (and this gives me a break from angsting/loving/ranting/cheering about Doctor Who and That Final Episode That Broke My Back)

No, seriously, SLAYERS REVOLUTION. Or rather, HELLO, IT'S SLAYERS. I never thought I'd see another Slayers series and we have a NEW SERIES. I've already dled and watched the first episode; more of the zany and insane stuff that you would expect from Slayers. BUT DUDE. SLAYERS.

I could say that over and over and not get tired of it.


And the best part is the fact that Amelia is back! Amelia, the Fist of Justice, one of my favorite characters of all time. The whole cast is insane, but her insanity holds a special place in my heart. Plus. She's so adorable, oh, I remember years and years ago reading fic after fic dealing with the idea of Zelgadis and Amelia. They were such a lovely pairing...

Lemme say it again.

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I am so not excited about any of the anime this season, excepting, perhaps, Itazuru no Kiss. And that's only because it's based on this fantastic shoujo series that I read when I was younger. And that one of my favorite Taiwanese series made a live-action version of it called, It Started With a Kiss.

Will probably check them all out since I'm obsessive-compulsive like that, but *sad* am not seeing anything that makes me excited like Spice and Wolf did or Claymore.
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I've dled most everything that seemed even vaguely interesting for this season, and I've been slowly (so, so, so slowly) working my way through them. One really good one so far? Kaiji! The animation is very reminiscent of old-school shonen-style manga, like Ashita no Joe. But the quality is top-notch! I really thought I'd be bored with it, but nine episodes in, I'm completely hooked on this series.

spoilers ahoy! )



Oct. 19th, 2006 01:44 pm
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OMG. I've been behind Ouran, and I just finished watching Ep.21 and what I have to say?

I wasn't particularly fond of the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru. They bugged me. But OMG, the latest few eps which focused on them just make me PINK WITH PLEASURE. Kaoru is such an awesome character and AUGH.

... Kaoru just might be my favorite character besides Kyouya.
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Hoho, the time of year has come, where a crop of new and old are available for feasting, anime... what's for dinner.

That said, I preface this with - these are my opinions and if you don't like them, go and have a cookie. The taste will remind you of better things. This said, I am also following too many series so if I miss a few, I am not guilty or liable for emotional distress, ends of the world, and the destruction of Tokyo Tower...

who knows where I make this stuff up? )

And that's the anime I haven't reviewed yet. Bleach and Naruto are in filler arcs right now so... no comment.

To be honest, I've been reading more than watching. Books, manga, etc. etc. I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can sit on my balcony, put up my feet, and absorb a good book.
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I'm going to have a steady (probably weekly) anime night at my apartment.

Suggestions on what to show? I can dl just about anything that's not been licensed and I can buy everything else on Amazon (do people know whether the other anime DVD sites deliver to Japan?). I have some ideas, but what would people suggest for a good starter anime? And no, I'm not going to show DBZ or Sailor Moon (though I kind of want to show Sailor Moon. Good stuff, good stuff). I'm willing to go for almost any show, but some of the people attending are anime newbies, and I don't want to shock them into never watching anime again. ~_^

I'm such a request-whore.

But yes! Just toss out your anime names to me!

And by the way; while I have found people into yaoi and slash, I unfortunately will be unable to show them things like Sukisyo or Loveless or even Yami no Matsuei. =( Muraki would have been so fun to watch.
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Anime? To rec or not to rec?

Gun X Sword.

is. amazing. and boring.

I'm not sure whether I'd rec it or not. It has something for everyone, I'll admit. It has guns! Swords! Mecha! Boobies! Sci-Fi! Western! Tall lanky men! Cute women! A little romance! Yeah! Action! Drama! Bloody history!

Yeah, it has it all, but it's filled to the brim with cliches and while I personally like it (if only because I have this effing little crush on Wendy now; she's absolutely adorable), I'm going to imagine that the plot is going to get predictable very soon. The art is nothing to laugh at, but the characters are a little weak, and I don't feel any special pull by the plot. I've only seen two episodes so far, so I'm going to reserve from making a complete judgement, but overall, it's a decent series with good art, an entertaining pair of main characters, but be wary of the obvious rip-offs of more well-known anime.

Or, you know, it could be making fun of them. I kept getting the sense there was a little bit of teasing in regards to how popular CB and Trigun were...

But seriously! There's mecha in a gun n' sword western! That's pretty cool in my books. =)

Emma: Victorian Romance is another one of those little series I think goes beyond the limited audience it was marketd to. It's short; thirteen episodes, but it's a well-animated, realistic portrayal of the life of a Victorian-era maid living amid rigid social codes and a social hierarchy that limited relationships in many ways. Lovely series.

Still waiting for Speed Grapher 16. ;_;
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I've discovered that the best way to argue is just to stay calm and rational. =)

That said, I have got to stop going into the bookstores. Yesterday, I went in expecting to buy Newtype and Animage and I came out with the Japanese edition of Crimson Hero (6 volumes), three continuing volumes of this yaoi series I love and follow, a idols magazine (OMG, where I did I go wrong?), and Bleach 18.

Madness, it's madness.

Found a couple of really nice ones to send stateside; I'll pick them up today. I have to find a box though... it seems there's a bit of a difficulty in finding smaller boxes.

By the way: SPEED GRAPHER is love! I've wanted to rave for the longest time, but yeah, this is a series I know a bunch of you will absolutely adore. It's available via BT at Shinsen Subs. It's been licensed, so if you like it, buy the DVDs when they come out. The series is that good.
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Go see Howl's Moving Castle. Now.

So good.

So good.

So very, very, very good. It's the only Hayao Miyazaki film where I actively want to seek and read fanfiction for. Of course, the way it wrapped up loose ends might make that mighty difficult. *weeps* This movie deserves fanfiction, it's that pretty. And good. Did I mention it's wonderful?

why does such wonder always come out of Miyazaki? )

Right now: Howl's Moving Castle = LOVE.

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