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I think I'm getting old, but I'm always a little mystified by love triangles in fiction. It seems to be most prevalent in young adult fiction, but there's definitely plenty of it everywhere else.

I mean. Come on. It's difficult enough these days to find one person who's just for you; how does one even deal with two? Wouldn't it be incredibly hard to find yourself in love with two people? Yeah, you could say it's 'romantic' or that there's just a part of you that will always be with the other person you didn't choose, but... I don't think that's a good thing.

Love's pretty crap, man. It's like this horrible thing that punches you in the eye and then uppercuts you like a pixelated scene from Street Fighter II when you're staggering back in excruciating pain.

Or this could be the crankyoldmaid in me talking. WHO KNOWS?
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You know, you don't really think about it at first; there's so much going on in the seventh book, that all the stories meld together into this single narrative that you get drawn into and then the next moment, poof! you've finished and are now grumbling about the epilogue. (For the record, I'm now mostly neutral about the epilogue. Coulda definitely lived without it, but I get why she wrote it the way she did.)

I remember not liking Dumbledore a great deal through sections of the series, like in PoA through OotP, and in HBP, it was odd to start liking him again. And then you get the whole Dumbledore backstory in DH and you think, oh. so that's it. No wonder. And it really changes your perspective on this guy you thought was as big a manipulator as anyone else in the series; he's still a manipulator, but you can almost love him for it. (Sort of...)

I guess this is just me professing a love for Professor Dumbledore. I'm not sure why the sudden upwelling of emotion, but it might have something to do with rereading books six and seven and remembering how much I loved those books and the fact that I quite think Albus and Gellert have one of those sorrowful stories that are always there, lurking in the background, but don't surface enough so that it's shoved in your face. The story itself is obviously still all Harry's; it's just that if you think about it, if you really think about it, it was very much Albus' story as well.

And I can't help get all weepy and stupid over things like Grindelwald not telling Voldemort where the wand is, Albus delaying his duel with Gindelwald because he was afraid of knowing his greatest fear - who actually killed Ariana, the long estrangement between him and Aberforth, and the fact that Albus really was alone in the world, for all people said the school and staff were his family. But considering it took Rita Skeeter to give us something even resembling a history for this character, I'm thinking that for a large part, Dumbledore never let anyone close enough to have them truly become his family.

Okay. Now I'm all maudlin. It's the holidays, I swear.

The Road

Nov. 7th, 2008 02:33 pm
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The Road by Cormac McCarthy is becoming a movie; just found this out yesterday and Viggo Mortensen will play the father.

I am now excited; this is one of my favorite books I've read this year. I'm still feeling ambivalent by the ending, but I think that's actually a strength and results a point for the book. It made me wonder and think, gave me little things to consider.

review, spoilers included )

It looks like a 2009 release, though it's still in post-production.
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Dude, I really wish I understood the appeal of High School Musical.

The new season of Smallville is wonderful; Lois and Clark moments abound! I've been waiting since, well, season four for this to start and get some steam going. I know, essentially, the Clark and Lana relationship had to resolve first, but it took so very, very long.

House is not very interesting this season, thus far.

I keep missing Bones.

I finally watched the second X-Files movie and it... was... odd.

I need to find a new anime-viewing-partner since I left all mine back in Japan. *weeps*

Is it weird that I don't like the Twilight books, but I can't wait for the movie to come out? I totally want to be in the theatre for that and see how they do 'sparkly vampires' and whether a screen!Edward would tick me off quite so much.

The Chaos;head anime is strangely hilarious. Creepy!Otaku for the win!

I just read Yotsuba and seriously, one of the funniest manga I've read of late. No relationship drama! No angst drama! No four-panel comedy sketches! Just lots of wackiness, and I am so into it right now.

I'm finally catching up with Tsubasa and XXXholic.

Catching up with Inuyasha is something I'm debating right now; can I really go through fifty+ volumes of Inuyasha/Kagome angst again?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are somewhere on that list.

I bought five new yaoi manga volumes yesterday, and I haven't touched them yet. I was perusing the shelves and there sure are a lot of new ones. As in, there are ones I never thought would get translated and published in the US.

I'm really boring today.

That is all.
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This movie...

is a bit different. )

After the first two books, not having Susan around is a huge disappointment for me. I remember feeling bored by the other novels in the series and The Last Battle infuriated me when I reread it in college.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:49 am
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Honor Harrington was very interesting in the first novel. The second and third weren't bad either. You know... I loved the first few novels of the series. I really did.

And then she became this terrible bitch and it's not even a very good bitch. I can't believe how much I dislike her now. From Ashes of Victory (the ninth book in the series) to the current one, At All Costs (the eleventh), it's clear to me that the Honor Harrington from books 1-3 is no longer in existence. And I really freaking want to throttle her.

If you read the titles in sequence and get to the last three, you'll know exactly what I mean. So many things she disliked and felt uncomfortable with in the first part has come back and become her tools, her 'useful' things that she can pull out whenever something makes her unhappy. One chapter particularly steamed me up like nothing. An investigator - competent, effective, without fault - gives a dissenting opinion to her own and while nominally she's right (oh, we know she's right because Weber (the author) tells us she's right), she immediately fires him because he doesn't agree with her. No attempt to calmly change his mind, no attempt to try to reason it out. She uses her own grief as an excuse to assign someone she knows will give the answer she wants and to me, that is just utterly unforgivable. She thinks to herself that she has the rank and right and she throws out all her titles and JUST HOW IS THAT different from the people she hated for doing that exact same thing?


This just makes me so mad, because I seriously loved this series! She was so cool in book 1, strong and yet... she was also unsure of herself at times. She worked hard to do what she needed to do, and she questioned her actions. Compared to book 1, the later books are like a squalling newborn throwing a temper tantrum.

*weeps* This was a really good series...
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Because, I am insane, OMG.

Why have I been so slothlike in updating? Why? Well. Cause I'm a sloth. A pretty sloth, but still a sloth. I am slothier than any sloth has ever slothed.

Whew. Glad to get that off my chest!

Essentially, I've been working, playing video games (in the mad attempt to assuage my feelings over not having KHII), reading fanfiction, writing fanfiction (can we get a gasp of absolute surprise?), and generally lazing about as I wait for the advent of warm weather. Cause, yes, it's still cold. Really cold. As in, at the beginning of April, we had three-inch snowfall. It was bizarre.

I've been reading a lot. I finished On Basilisk Station, [ profile] nemkess! I absolutely loved it; what's the second book in the series?

I still need to finish the Kushiel's Legacy series.

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood is eatable, I swear. The feeling of it is like you're watching them from some alcove and any moment, you're going to be discovered and this tragic, gorgeous story would stop and you'd feel like jumping into that damned river because nooooo, don't stop. It was seriously something special.

And... well, I feel like I've stepped into something dark and insidious but...

I actually liked Guilty Pleasures.

Yeah. I liked the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novel. I mean, there were times I felt the writing erred a bit and I wasn't particularly fond of her voice, but dude. Anita kicks ass. I want to see her kick more ass. But before she becomes Jeanwhateverhisnameis starts taking over. With the way the series is, I'm going to take [ profile] flamika's advice and just read up to a certain book before stopping. Cause I read her later book, which one was it? The one where she was being shared by a shapeshifter and a Master Vampire and I screamed Mary Sue at it before trying to claw my eyes out...


I need to have a huge, long post about what I've been watching lately. TV series, anime, manga... it's all there, somewhere.

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All my classes got cancelled today and I am supremely bored.

So I'm browsing and looking for books to add to my cart. I've been kind of getting into thrillers and mysteries and medical horros. Well, I was into them once upon a time, but now, they're getting interesting again. I also love horror.

*skull grin*

I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming a wee bit too dependent on my flist.
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Well, my internet is still unstable. It's doing the same thing as before, just less frequently. The issue now is that while packets are being sent... I'm just not getting them. I'm truly at a loss here. I can download since I just leave my internet on all night and thus giving it time, but for regular, everyday perusal, it's almost too frustrating to be worth it.


On a better note, I have to say - I love my flist! In college, reading for pleasure had been drastically cut back because of the massive amounts of reading I had to do for school. When I moved to Japan, I had asked for suggestions and I'm happy to say that there were few, if any, wrong pointers. =) I've finished most of the books people have suggested and am working through the rest.

A quick runthrough (from what I can remember as I sit here at work):

it's raining books )

I also have Lonesome Dove, Catch-22, Kafka on the Shore, Artemis Fowl and others. The first three, I have yet to read but there's a good reason. Some fellow ALT's have borrowed them and I'm waiting to get them back before I dive in.

Books recced in earlier posts are on order/in my cart. Huge and lavish thanks to those who have recced. =) Especially to [ profile] cedarlibrarian and [ profile] traykor whose librarian superpowers are very cool.

Recs are from this journal post and this journal post and this post.

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I haven't partied this hard since... well, since never. I have a tendency of liking quiet nights at home, but ever since coming to Japan, I've been out and about way more than ever. It might be because everything still feels temporary and I'm still adjusting to the fact that yes, I will have a whole year here where I can explore Japan, get a feel of a whole new world, and become One with my desk. =P

I have requests again.

It turns out that I have plenty of free time too. Enough so that I've been getting back to my oldest hobby: reading. During college, it was hard to find free time (or any time) to read besides the shitload of stuff we read for classes (which, while very good on its own, is not something I personally relax too. Maybe some of you do. And more power to you). Here, I have a few hours where I can just sprawl on my loveseat and absorb material I'd been meaning to read but never got around to. It's quite gratifying.


So far I either have with me in Japan or is on its merry way in one of the four boxes coming:

Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell
The Historian
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, Kafka on the Shore
Good Omens, random Discworld books
A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius
Kushiel Trilogy
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Handmaid's Tale
Fight Club
Harry Potter (eventually all six)
Sandman Vol 1
(still haven't read this, but [ profile] ellen_fredemon suggested it a long time ago (Nimbus) and I've finally gotten around to getting it)
Anita Blake (the first one)

Yeah, it's a pretty random selection of books, but I would love more books to put on my booshelves. For one... these are finally MY bookshelves! My home! My little hole in the world! It's an unbelievable feeling and I want to make it a cozy little place with books and love and food and... anime and manga and just so much stuff. =)

Um, yeah.

Also, [ profile] cedarlibrarian - is there any website you'd recommend to browse through on a regular basis to find books? My way and tendency is to wander around the bookstore and library looking at random covers, but that's a little difficult to do in Japan.

Still need to send out a torrent of things.

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