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Hungry Ghost Moon sounds exactly like a scent I'd have loved to try! And it was only available for a day and I wasn't around and I could just cry but I won't because... um... because... I am nmore adult than that? Maybe? Possibly? Either way, I'm going to hunt down a bottle of the stuff. I am.
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Question: is there a limit on how many imps I can order off BPAL? And how long would it generally take to get three or four 5ml bottles (Desire, Dorian, Snake Oil! All with vanilla hints! I am far too predictable) and a load of imps? I figure if I order them now, they could possibly be finished by the time I go home mid-August? Possibly? Maybe?

Love how there are so many BPAL lovers on my flist.
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Can anyone direct me to a site where all the past BPAL scents (discontinued and other) can be listed? Descriptions included? Odd, I know.


Jun. 21st, 2006 09:40 am
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For those curious, I received my first BPAL perfume! The scent is called "Snow White" and it was the 2005 winter edition, I believe? I also got a little sample (imp?) of a scent called "Desire" and they're both yummy as hell. Especially "Desire". The only other scent in my life that's ever made me feel this good was by Nanette Lepore. It's just... well, you know. Comforting.

The website says "Desire" is made of: The overwhelming agony of passion crystallized into a singularly dark and magnetic blend: bittersweet neroli, black patchouli and black musk, gilded by apple, bergamot, blood red rose, teak, and vanilla.

The vanilla is the overwhelming scent by far, but for some reason, I kept thinking baby powder the whole time. Fresh baby powder. It was laced with something sweet and yes, it definitely made me want to lounge around with my head thrown back. Odd, that was.

I'm still not too fond of the way the website's organized and the description of the scents, but hey, lots of people love it. The ones that are actually connected to real stories and myths are a bit more to my liking. I'm really impressed by just how long the scent is lasting. I put it on this morning and it's still going strong (though the scent has become pleasantly faint). It makes my knees go kinda weak. ;) Wonder how this will affect others?

Have not tried "Snow White" outside yet, but I will. And I've gone a bit crazy on the website, looking for new scents to add to my cart. They only deliver to the states :( so I'm going to have to have a friend send it to Japan. Either way...

Damn. Yet another thing that'll be sucking my income. Ha. Ha. Ha

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