Apr. 8th, 2009 02:21 pm
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This weekend is Sakura Con (wheeeee!) and for the first time in over three yeras, I'll be attending again. (double whee!)

Though, this time I'll actually be working half the time since we're promoting the JET Programme and, tacitly, tourism to Japan. I think the cosplay idea that was being tossed around has fallen through, so I probably will just bring my formal kimono out.

During my last year there, I bought a gorgeous, gorgeous kimono along with the obi (one of my favorite parts, hand-woven), geta, and all the miscellaneous inbetween. And trust me, there's a LOT of misc inbetween for kimono. Also, this is not kind to the big-chested of us, so I have to bind myself down from top to bottom so I can be presented as straight up and down. Ho.

I've also got my Slytherin robes, and I may don that at a point... though I doubt it. Also got a Gothic Lolita kimono I bought one year on a whim and it's really gorgeous, though maybe slightly inappropriate. Maybe. Hmmmmmm.

Anyways. If any of you are headed there, stop by the JET booth and say hello!
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I didn't know about this! (wow, I really suck at being connected)



PAUL CORNELL will be there. The writer of Father's Day, quite possibly my favorite episode of all time.

But. Oh. Dude. I can't. With Whistler in January, Japan in March, East Coast (maybe) in June, and the Harry Potter/ComicCon thing going in July...


I need to think about this.
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I haven't been able to attend an American convention in over three years... and now I just heard about Comic-Con 2009... and Azkatraz 2009, the next HP con.

I am feeling conflicted!

Do I go? It's in San Francisco, my side of the country. It's very easy for me to get there from Seattle, I have friends all over I could visit (or persuade to go... which I doubt, but you never know). And maybe I could drag my sister up from LA to her very first HP con. I haven't been to one since Nimbus 2003. It was so, so, so much fun, but EEEK. I can't justify going to both (well, I would, but since I'm heading to Japan in March and maybe East Coastish in June, I doubt I'd have the time off work to go to two cons in July).

Comic-Con or Harry Potter? HP is near and dear to my heart, but I've always wanted to check out Comic-Con.

Or do I go to neither and head for New Zealand?
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Okay, so I went to Summer Comiket. Waaaaaay last minute decision, but it was a very good decision overall.

I kind of wish I'd checked my email while I was there because I missed a lot of things that people were interested in. ;_; I didn't find out about Dr. Ten until after, which made me go =/ but I figure I can meet her at Winter Comiket. While the amatuer circles are less likely to return for Winter, the professionals almost certainly will be there. So Dr. Ten! I'm aiming for you at Winter Comiket!

Mmm, mostly Naruto and Bleach material. I didn't see all that much Death Note, which was a little odd but that might be because D.Grayman had taken over and spewed everywhere. While Naruto was last year and the year before, Bleach and D.Grayman were the cosplayers of choice this year. And before anyone asks, yes, I did get plenty of pictures of the cosplay. We weren't allowed to take pics inside the halls, but that has something to do with privacy issues, I've heard.

Picked up too much doujinshi in retrospect, and not enough in many ways. -_- I can never win, can I? Some of put away to send to people on my flist and the rest I decide not to keep will be placed on ebay, thus continuing the cycle of doujinshi.

A more complete post about Comiket will be at [livejournal.com profile] pink_traveller later this week.

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