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You know, you don't really think about it at first; there's so much going on in the seventh book, that all the stories meld together into this single narrative that you get drawn into and then the next moment, poof! you've finished and are now grumbling about the epilogue. (For the record, I'm now mostly neutral about the epilogue. Coulda definitely lived without it, but I get why she wrote it the way she did.)

I remember not liking Dumbledore a great deal through sections of the series, like in PoA through OotP, and in HBP, it was odd to start liking him again. And then you get the whole Dumbledore backstory in DH and you think, oh. so that's it. No wonder. And it really changes your perspective on this guy you thought was as big a manipulator as anyone else in the series; he's still a manipulator, but you can almost love him for it. (Sort of...)

I guess this is just me professing a love for Professor Dumbledore. I'm not sure why the sudden upwelling of emotion, but it might have something to do with rereading books six and seven and remembering how much I loved those books and the fact that I quite think Albus and Gellert have one of those sorrowful stories that are always there, lurking in the background, but don't surface enough so that it's shoved in your face. The story itself is obviously still all Harry's; it's just that if you think about it, if you really think about it, it was very much Albus' story as well.

And I can't help get all weepy and stupid over things like Grindelwald not telling Voldemort where the wand is, Albus delaying his duel with Gindelwald because he was afraid of knowing his greatest fear - who actually killed Ariana, the long estrangement between him and Aberforth, and the fact that Albus really was alone in the world, for all people said the school and staff were his family. But considering it took Rita Skeeter to give us something even resembling a history for this character, I'm thinking that for a large part, Dumbledore never let anyone close enough to have them truly become his family.

Okay. Now I'm all maudlin. It's the holidays, I swear.
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HOW DID I NOT KNOW DAVID TENNANT WOULD BE AT COMIC-CON IN SAN DIEGO? Effers! I had plans to go, but they got scuttled by life.

Now I regret it! Oh noes!




Oh well.
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This was an episode worth waiting for. First of all.


And also, I cried like fucking baby.

oh, and I need a new box of tissues. This really is only about one aspect of the episode. )

Is it the season finale yet?

Pretty please?
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I think, picking up a series when it's about to enter it's memorable fourth season, was not the best thing I could have done.

Right this moment, I'm twitching and wondering about That Spoiler and what That Spoiler will have to do with the last three episodes of this season of Doctor Who.

That Spoiler is starting to make me daydream. NO SERIOUSLY. I am daydreaming in fanfiction. SOPPY FANFICTION.

... I am eternally shamed. Woe.


May. 4th, 2008 10:16 pm
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I'm going to get to the New Who episodes, but a bit ago, I rewatched the movie, Titanic for the first time in years and dude. I still get teary-eyed by it. ;_; I loved the ending of that movie, where she moved on with her life and she did everything and enjoyed so much and yes, she fell in love again. It was one of those strangely hopeful endings that didn't make much sense to me at the time I watched it (man, that was over ten years ago...) but just makes me smile so much now.

And of course, the bawling. SUE ME. I CRY OVER A LOT OF THINGS. This is why you can't go with me to a sad movie, because that'll be me in the corner, using up a box of tissues.

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