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I think the best thing "Once Upon a Time" did, was to create terrifying, manipulative, and ultimately, sympathetic Evil Queen. The next best thing was to create a anti-heroine who wouldn't fall short of that. And wasn't perfect.


Aug. 12th, 2012 11:53 pm
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I do things slowly. Very slowly. Though I joined AO3 for the 2009 Yuletide, I didn't bother uploading older stories to it until... well, now. Same with Dreamwidth. There wasn't any grand reason; I was just very, very apathetic.

But finally, finally, I'm starting to cross-post. I feel like setting off fireworks.

So. Uh. Yeah! I'm still me at dreamwidth.

Maybe I'll be writing regularly again, maybe I won't. Who knows!?

The future is always changing!
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I'm here! I'm alive! I'm going to import all my LJ entries here! I'm trying to figure out a place (or rather, two places) to store all my fanfiction! It's going to happen! 2012 is a new year!

... this is the sort of time I wish I had magic fingers that could snap! and everything would automatically configure into exactly how I want it to be. Such wishes!

Happy new year! And I just realized I haven't read any Yuletide fics yet!
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I feel like I've been outside of fandom for so long, I'm not even sure how to be in fandom now. Seriously. In between the time I slowed down on writing and fandom (excepting, somewhat, my Doctor Who period) and now, I've approached my tenth year (!) on LJ, Dreamwidth is the new place to be, and I haven't written anything NOT for a charity auction, fic-exchange, or Yuletide in... well, quite some time. I haven't counted the years because if I counted I'd probably have to throw myself under a very large bus.

So! Resolution for 2012? I will write five fics this year that are NOT (heh heh) a part of a larger project. I figure giving myself a concrete number will keep my from weaseling out like I usually do. Heh heh.

And I'm going to start participating in fandom again. I think. And really, I feel so awkward and new, I'm a n00b again! Who SAYS YOU CAN'T GET BACK YOUR VIRGINITY?!
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Is anyone participating in [ profile] help_haiti? I'm offering a fic here and I'd like to see if someone on my flist has also participated so I can seek you all out. Have made a donation to Doctors Without Borders, but I feel relatively useless so after a bit of thought, I'm participating. Hopefully, it'll help out in a tiny way.

Everyone should have seen the various links now scattered about donating. The non-profit I'm currently supporting is Doctors Without Borders. Please bid on something at [ profile] help_haiti or donate a little to the group/any verifiable non-profit. Every bit counts and a dollar is just as important as ten or twenty.

Remember: Always check the group you're thinking of donating to. Not just to see whether the group is legit or not, but where your donation may fund. Some groups have a poor ratio of administrative costs versus actual charitable givings and activities.
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The midnight premiere was a lot of fun, though I mostly abstained from the activities going around me. (WHEN DID FANS GET THIS YOUNG? I feel old.) There were some interesting costumes; there were two girls dressed in nothing but pillowcases, a guy in Ron's dreadful dress robes from the fifth mobie (a rather brilliant job, actually), and even a gal dressed quite smartly as a firebolt. Alas, I took no photos, but they're in my head!

Speaking of which. The movie? Loved it. However...

Very Much a Seventh-Movie-Set-Up )

I think it's time to read some HP fic again!
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I am surprisingly both hysterically excited and rather apathetic about the sixth movie. But I have my midnight tickets. I'm dragging someone along.

It should be fantastic. And I'm excited, I am! But at the same time, I'm almost reluctant to see the movie. It's going to be the end of months and months of delicious anticipation. HOW SICK AM I?

Also. It means we're one movie closer to the end.

And that sounds a lot more pathetic than it is is.

I'm speaking in one-liner sentences today.




I think I shall dress-up for the midnight premiere.


May. 27th, 2009 10:44 am
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Being in-between fandoms is kind of boring.

I've been reading a lot of X-men movieverse fiction lately, especially Logan/Rogue (which is, in itself, kind of odd since I've been a fan of Rogue/Gambit since forever) and a lot of it is really well-written. Unfortunately, due to the years post X1, a lot of the links I'm hitting are dead or gone. But it's good to read what is available. So there goes that. I've been using some of my googlefu to find the old-old ones.

Really jumping, not being in any fandom in particular. Still reading Doctor Who but am less enthused than I once was. (Dude, I have the world's shortest attention span)

Watching anime, but not really. Rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Loved the new movie. Reading a lot of books.

... I am in a 'blah' moment of my fandom life.

(Though, I am doing a lot of traveling this summer, so not so bad!)
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Yesterday, I had my nieces beg me to take them to the weekend premiere of "Twilight". These are the nieces who are often too cool to go out with me. (I guess I've been relegated to Crazy Aunt status, while my sister wins the coveted 'Cool Aunt' status)

BUT... being such a huge Harry Potter fan in my family, they assumed I would also be a lover of "Twilight", and would be more than glad to drive them to the theatre to see the movie. Which, when I told them I wasn't a fan of the series, disappointed them so much that I conceded and said I would take them the weekend AFTER the premiere weekend. I don't want to end up in the mishmash of people going this weekend. And it'll be easier for me to buy a ticket to another movie and then sneaking into this one. I know, I know, my friend said that was such a petty move, but I really don't want my measly ticket counting toward some final total...

I gotta admit, it's cute how much my cousins like the series. While I might rant about it to friends and family, it's kind of hard to tell thirteen/fifteen year olds that this is a movie of a book series that irritates me, I hate Edward Cullen (they love him, for the record), Bella annoys me, I am baffled by their love story, and blahblahblah. Cause that's what I would sound like to them. Blah blah blah blah.

What's weird... I remember the weeks going up to the first Harry Potter movie and how darn excited I was. I remember reading every article I could get my hands on and buying tons of newspapers that had even the smallest clipping about the movie/book/ and clipping them out to save. I remember attending the midnight premiere with a bunch of friends and cheering when two of my friends, in costume, had a mock duel in the front of the theatre. (Yay for fan involvement) It was, in one word, awesome.

Newspapers and reviewers have been comparing the "Twilight" phenomenon with Harry Potter and I've been mostly bristling at that comparison, but... I guess I see their point. Sort of.

But our books were different.

So, er, there.

Note: to be clear, I actually think the movie will be much better than the books. Just staying. Catherine Hardwick is directing, of Thirteen fame. I loved, loved that movie, so I think this isn't going to be a badder take on a bad book. It's going to be like the opposite of the HP movies (for me, anyways) where the books were more appealing than the movies.




I'm laughing so hard. This review by James Wolcott of Vanity Fair is just about the funniest review I've read about "Twilight". And it's not totally disparaging...
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I'm just the teensiest bit nervous. I don't do well under time constraints (as many of you had firsthand experience with) but I've wanted to participate in Yuletide for the past five years. I kept putting it off because college was going on and then I was in Japan for three years (which sucked me dry in terms of creative output). But I think (hopefully) I'm ready... EEP.


A couple people suggested I write a short letter to my Yuletide writer.

But I can't think of anything to write, so, just write whatever you feel is doable with the fandoms/pairings selected.

I'm kind of excited. XD
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Having bought a permanent account, I'm pretty annoyed that LJ's on the road of ruin in regards to fandom. I'm essentially here for fandom; I post very little about my real life. Or rather, I post very few substantial things. I have a private, handwritten journal for that and it serves me fine. LJ is, mostly, fandom for me.

I have a name at GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal (the same as here, though I'm contemplating changing it to my pen name, Demeter, since the '918' is an old, old joke that I don't even remember much of) and the idea of transferring everything is making me twitch. Because I'm a really lazy person.

Man... I kinda wish I could get my 150 dollars back. I'd still maybe spring for a paid account since I have some dried, crusty dredges of faith that LJ will be able to get past this, but not enough for a permanent. =(

... well. There's always yahoogroups. *shudder*
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Apparently, there's some sort of mini-purge of sorts on LJ. I've been hearing and reading dissenting opinions on both sides of the argument on whether LJ Abuse had the right in suspending the journals. I'm going to reserve my judgment for now, since it seems too early since I don't know most of the story to have the whole picture and there could be other things going on as I type this out.

There's been suggestions for 'lj interest' modification which I think is a pretty good preventative measure. For the moment.

Here's a running list of accounts suspended/deleted over this event. It seems to trend toward Harry Potter, yaoi-related interests (shota, chan), incest, and pedophilia communities.

A post involving the maintainer of [ profile] pornish_pixies in regards to the suspension.

The whole thing makes me a bit uneasy.
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I'm not the world's biggest fan of Joss Whedon, but he made a post about the vid of the so-called 'honor killing' of Dua Kalil, and it made me swallow.

I kind of wish more peeps, in general, thought like this.
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This time, it's a Snape/Lupin/Black fic. Basically, at first it's Black and Snape tolerating each other and there being a very, very careful balance, with Remus as the balancer. The two of them still can't really handle each other, but it's worked, for a little while with them being very equal about how much time is spent between one of them and Remus. I can't quite remember what happens next, but essentially, something upsets the balance and Snape's outside of it. He's preparing to leave when Remus finally puts an end to it by insisting that they roleplay to get over their issues. Thus, Sirius 'buys' Snape and they spend a night together and yay, it's sexy and wonderful.

... I'm all about the Snape feeling chilled out of the threesome, though. XD That's why I want to reread it.

Anyone know which fic I'm talking about?
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Natsuki Takaya set to debut new manga series on June 5 in hanatoyume.

I'm going to pick up the first issue and check it out; after Fruits Basket, the question is going to be... is she going to top the extravaganza that brought us Akito? Her previous series tended to be wildly different from each other, but with FB still hanging over our heads, it's going to be weird for me to look at a character and not think of Akito. But I have hopes for this, because Takaya-sensei is fantabulous and she's probably going to spin out another series that destroys my soul. Again. XD
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I sent out 29 holiday cards yesterday, so if you requested a card, you should be receiving it in about a week. Hopefully. There are still a few left due to waiting on an address, but I don't think anyone on my flist is on that...

And I also got to write, thus far, 200 cards to my students. Yay.

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The anime box has arrived from Tokyo!

Now I must categorize. And organize. And make a list. ;_;

Of note... let's see...

[ profile] umadoshi - I did find some Rin stuff! Just two things though, and fairly standard as merchandise goes. But it's Rin and it's pretty. =P

[ profile] wasabi_fiend - I did find the box of Bleach trading cards and it's sitting on my floor right now.

[ profile] flamika - I found one of those oversized plastic pictures of Kureno! And it's pre-chunky Kureno!

[ profile] theladyfeylene - you are going to die when you see the FMA thing I picked out. ~_^ It's that cute.

[ profile] xandria - I hope you haven't purchased/ordered V.5 of Dr. Ten's series...

I found stuff for basically everyone who'd commented. Will list swag later. Soon. Um, yes. ^^;;

I also got the Prince of Tennis Halloween pic thing (v. cute) for the PoT fan on my flist. You know who you are. And randomly, I picked up two artbooks. One is the Yun Kouga artbook for Loveless and the other is the Yuu Higuri artbook named, aptly, Poison. Mm, my special love will always be reserved for artbooks. *snuggles*
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Saw the fourth movie yesterday at noon.

... *dies*

There was a lot cut, much of it unnecessary stuff, but I felt, well, Snape should have had more of a presence. That is all.



Ch.120 of Fruits Basket came out. ;_;

No Akito. Though we finally get some sort of change in the Kyo/Tohru relationship. It really makes me wonder if this will actually go through.
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... hey, fucker? )

*goes to drown self in work*

=) Whoo, that felt good.
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[ profile] flamika - I finally sent out your package a week ago. So it should be arriving in three weeks or so.

Flist - if there's something you want from Japan, please tell me so by December 15th. I will do my best to find everything and bring it back to the states to send it from there because Japan sucks and costs me twice as much to send things. ;_;

[ profile] spinshadow - do you want me to send the package now or can you wait until I see you in December? I don't mind sending it now, of course.

I have other things to say, but I'm so exhausted by my week-long Lost marathon, that I feel like being quiet.

For one thing, I just saw who died tonight on Lost and he was one of my favorite characters too. ;_; I cried like a little baby. Lots o' fun.

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