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I tell you Haruno Sakura is my favorite character on Naruto and you still proceed to call her a retarded bitch within six minutes of our coffee...

I'm not going to be sure what you want from me.
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I kind of miss Yuffie!fics. Like, a lot. There's a lot of Yuffie/Vincent, and OMG, I cannot believe I'm grousing about this, but I am, I'm grousing about the fact that there aren't enough Yuffie!gen fics out there and holy hell and write, I should be beaten for my lack of gratitude to the fact that there are so many Yuffie/Vincent fics out there now.

Dude. I remember when there was, like, one fic for Yuffie and Vincent. Maybe one-fic-and-a-half. And now there are loads and loads and I feel slightly slimy over the fact that I'm complaining (mostly in my head) about the lack of Yuffie!gen. IS THAT INGRATITUDE OR WHAT?

But then, I constantly complain about the lack of Tifa!gen too, so maybe that's why. And really, before I complain, I should try writing it myself.

And I've been feeling the need to read Yuffie and Tifa friendship fics, because I totally think they're now best friends in the world and that they dish about crap all the time. And is there a way to find a fic about the two of them that doesn't involve the icky icky boys?

(yeah, write it myself, yada yada yada)
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This movie...

is a bit different. )

After the first two books, not having Susan around is a huge disappointment for me. I remember feeling bored by the other novels in the series and The Last Battle infuriated me when I reread it in college.
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It's so late right now, but gotta get those two damn cents in. ZOMBIE. Braaaaaaains.

I've been skimming this thread. Same old, same old. If the fandom has a 'significant' (however you choose to quantify that) female character, there bounds to be the same arguments. And I can hardly be surprised it showed up in a show that's wildly popular (um... in certain circles) and has a cast of changing companions to one main, male protagonist.

One thing that always strikes me...

lots of the same old, same old )

Gosh, I'm so tired, marshmallow teletubbies sound good. What? But basically!

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Who didn't think I'd do this one? I'm not a meme taker, but this is the kind of meme I'll do. So nyah.

List your favorite female characters and examine what they have in common!! Is there a theme? Or do they strongly contrast each other? Then do they same thing with characters you dislike or are very meh about!

My list is going to sound like a broken record... among many broken records in a music store!

I kept the list exclusively to anime/manga and video game girls (with the exception of one), since I would have spent days agonizing over my list if I'd included everyone else.

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