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I kind of miss Yuffie!fics. Like, a lot. There's a lot of Yuffie/Vincent, and OMG, I cannot believe I'm grousing about this, but I am, I'm grousing about the fact that there aren't enough Yuffie!gen fics out there and holy hell and write, I should be beaten for my lack of gratitude to the fact that there are so many Yuffie/Vincent fics out there now.

Dude. I remember when there was, like, one fic for Yuffie and Vincent. Maybe one-fic-and-a-half. And now there are loads and loads and I feel slightly slimy over the fact that I'm complaining (mostly in my head) about the lack of Yuffie!gen. IS THAT INGRATITUDE OR WHAT?

But then, I constantly complain about the lack of Tifa!gen too, so maybe that's why. And really, before I complain, I should try writing it myself.

And I've been feeling the need to read Yuffie and Tifa friendship fics, because I totally think they're now best friends in the world and that they dish about crap all the time. And is there a way to find a fic about the two of them that doesn't involve the icky icky boys?

(yeah, write it myself, yada yada yada)
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Title: "A Winding Path"

Author: [ profile] demeter918

Disclaimer: All rights and privileges of Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts characters, objects and plots are property and trademarks of Squaresoft, Sony, Disney and associated parties. The author claims no legal responsibility for problems associated with using this work.

Series: Final Fantasy VII/Kingdom Hearts Crossover.

Pairing/Character: Tifa Lockhart, Cloud Strife

Warnings: Spoilers for FFVII Compilation, Kingdom Hearts II

Notes: Been working on this for a year and it's finally done. Based on some interviews I read in regards to Cloud's hunt for 'light' and how it's, according to the director, referring to Tifa. Not saying it's true, but I was bitten by it.

Summary: Together, Cloud and Tifa walk down one more road.


link )
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I got rid of my PS2 when I left Japan (seriously, I could't afford to send any more things home at the rate I was going) and one of my friends bought it. I just got the new slimline PS2 (which, OMG, is so tiny!) and decided I would replay the FF series, starting from VII.

And I'm DYING to get Yuffie. I usually get Yuffie the first chance I can, which is right outside Fort Condor, but remembering that Vincent has an unusual reaction to Yuffie if you have him in your party when you happen upon her, I decided to, just this once to get Vincent first. UGH, I MISS YUFFIE. It feels so odd and queer not to have her around for several of the fights. For one thing, I've got weapons for her up the hooha. I'm about to finish the Gi Cave... which means I'll be getting Vincent and THEN I'LL GET YUFFIE.

Also. it's weird playing the game on a flatscreen. Everything seems just slightly fuzzy if you look closely.

Though, on that note, I went to Zack's house in Gongaga for the very first time without Aeris or Tifa, and had a Cloud-only reaction to their questions. But, yeah, I started over so I could watch Aeris again and...

I'd forgotten how stupidly tragic Zack's life ended up, because of stupid Shinra and Hojo. For one thing, his poor mom and dad. Ten years, and still with no knowledge that their only child's dead. And Aeris; Zack didn't dump her, he didn't just lose interest. He was trapped in that lab for five years, and in the end, he was still as cheerful as ever and died to save Cloud.

ARGH. I totally got all choked up last night over Gongaga. One thing about the Final Fantasy VII Compilation that I'll always be grateful for, is the expanded history and life we get on Zack. It's subtle and wonderful in the game, but having the rest just makes me a happy camper.

Seriously. There's Aeris-resurrection fics. Where's the Zack resurreciton fics?
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I am going to die waiting for the new FFVII-related game.


Those pictures clinched it for me; I'm going to buy the PSP and I'm going to play the Crisis Core game and I'm going to pretend to drown in it. The game looks so gorgeous and the two new characters are already making me wonder what their backstories are and... just how old are Reno n' Rude anyhow? They were in Before Crisis when Yuffie was a still a youngling, and they were in Last Order, five years before the events of FFVII. So am I right in thinking that they're considerably older than what I'd first imagined? Clarifying: when I first played FFVII, I didn't think they were all that much older than Cloud and Aeris, but now, are they possibly closer to Barret in age, than Cloud and co? Definitely way older than Yuffie, which now makes all those Yuffie/Reno fics take on a new aspect. ;)

The only thing that could complete me, right now? A Yuffie-oriented game. None of that sidekick-to-Vincent thing. She deserves a game and come on! Ninja! We have ninja games out there already; I'm sure they could create a kickass game centered around, well, kicking ass.

Maybe a threat that threatens (haha) to destroy Wutai and Yuffie fights to save her country and Vincent comes along for the ride. Or maybe it could be a Final Fantasy cooking game! Think about it! We would have to utilize the animals and resources in the FFVII world to create original and delicious dishes.

Fried chocobo, chocobo stew, Jenova fritters, materia soup (think stone soup), hyper pies...
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I saw the 'new movie' of what is apparently the Kingdom Hearts 3 game and it looks gutshiveringly awesome.

Too many kinds of awesome!. I don't even dare think of how it's going to go down, but YUM! YUM! YUM!

And the official Crisis Core website is up! I'm actually really excited about this game (even if it is for the PSP... woe, I shall have to buy it now.) because it focuses on Zack and oh, I do have a soft spot for Zack. My only hope is the controls aren't quite as bad as Dirge of Cerberus.

(and yay, we'll have glimpses of Tifa)

Though I have to say... JEEZ LOUISE, ZACK IS HOT. 0_0

and he looks strangely like Sephiroth.
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Okay, I've basically played about thirty minutes of the game. I've gotten past the first 'big' battle, though it was more like a mini-boss than anything else. Either way, here are my thoughts on the game thus far, and whether I'll be continuing without the English version.

while not exactly bad... )

Thus, that will be all until I either a) play the rest of the game, or b) download the videos. =)
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Yes, truly. Sex. But then again, I've only seen the opening scenes.

But yes.

YUFFIE AND VINCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuffie saves Vincent! Three years ago! I mean, during when Vincent was fighting Hojo, you know, on the tower in Midgar, OMFG!


I have stolen friend's internet and computer as I spend the weekend with her to steal borrow her Japanese PS2. It is da bomb and I love DoC thus far.

I've heard some shifty things about the gameplay but I find myself not really caring. It's Vincent. It's Yuffie. It's FFVII, one year post Advent Children. Boo yeah.

Will tell more as I continue playing.
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While I appreciate the fact that there are more Yuffie/Vincent fics than ever...

Yuffie and Vincent are not on their way to fluffybunny love anytime soon. Honest.
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So. There are going to be SPOILERS OMG in here. It's also fairly disjointed because I'm writing as I watch the movie...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder... but in this case, it's ALL BEAUTY!!! )

OMG. This is so messy!

I promise. Better, more coherent analysis later. OAV stuff later too. Plus screen caps and possibly photos of all the extras in the special edition box set.
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After a satisfying dinner of Indian and then a Japanese lesson, I am now ensconced at home watching the DVD. Currently, it's the "Reminiscence of FFVII" - it's going through most of the important scenes in the game. It's all in Japanese but I've played the game so many times, it's pretty clear it's compiling, largely, the things that have to do with Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Sephiroth, and such. Vincent, Yuffie, Barret and the others appear briefly, but it pretty much looks like Cloud and Sephiroth's story.

Next is the "Compilation of FFVII" which introduces the games Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerebus. It also brings trailers for Advent Children and Crisis Core which already looks kind of like a fandream. Zack, oh, my lovely Zack.

spoiler-ahoy! )

Oh man. I haven't even started the movie and the DVD's already getting to me.
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Today's the seventeenth of August! Only three more days until the next chapter of Furuba comes out. Or sooner maybe. I have no idea of how regular anthologies work here.

*crosses fingers* Hope Akito's in it.

Am writing totally useless Byakuya fic. He has a knack for getting under my skin.

I'm bored. Really, really bored. I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for school to start.

I asked my brothers to send me my PS2. I hope it gets here soon.

9/14 - so far away. I want to see Yuffie and Vincent in full screen glory!


Aug. 1st, 2005 11:39 pm
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Read this!

That's it. Call me a lunatic but I firmly believe that there is something going on at Square-Enix. The game developers and producers obviously have a thing for Vincent/Yuffie. Why else would they have a scene where Yuffie and Vincent are talking together in the bedroom?

*dies an orgasmic death*

In other news, I was hemming and hawing about getting the special edition FFVII:AC DVD box set, but this seals it. It's pricey, but it'll be worth it. And I found out that the set will be released stateside around the same time? Jeez, I need that too, because I want my subtitles. I would hate to watch the raw and have no idea of what's going on. ;_; I think I can order it off Amazon or something and have it sent straight here... I hope. Otherwise, there will be a lot of hunting for a subbed version.

And yeah. I am so getting Dirge of Cerebus when it comes out and I'm not even very good at shooting games.

OMG. Yuffie. Vincent. BED.
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Title: "The Basement Monster"

Author: Demeter

Disclaimer: All rights and privileges of Final Fantasy VII characters, objects and plots are property and trademarks of Square-Enix, Sony and associated parties. The author claims no legal responsibility for problems associated with using this work. The original story, relationships, and characters found within the fic are property of the author Demeter.

Series: Final Fantasy VII

Rating: PG13

Words: 2414

Characters: Mostly Vincent; Lucrecia, Hojo, Godo, Yuffie.

Notes: Vaguely off-canon. The words of Vincent upon meeting Yuffie plague me with impossibilities. Timeline might be in need of inspection.

Warnings: Assumes the reader knows about the interaction between Vincent and Yuffie.


Thirty years, one coffin. Vincent Valentine looks for penance. )
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I don't believe myself.

But after reading about Yuffie and Vincent on the lj of [ profile] cheloya, I couldn't help but just write and write and write. And whoa. It's been a long - no, scratch that, too long for me to remember - time since I've been able to sit down and write a complete one-shot without stopping and without saving it for another day. This is weird.

So yeah. Vincent and Yuffie? Firmly back on my mind. I'll edit this fic tomorrow and post.

Oh man oh man, I think I'm going to start posting at again. Three years since I've posted there. Maybe I've mellowed? Maybe?

This fic has made me strangely happy.

Must get more FFVII icons...

*wistful* If they redo FFVII for PS3, that might reignite the fandom and maybe, just maybe, I'll see more than the smattering of well-written Vincent/Yuffie fics.

*still weeps for her Auron/Rikku*
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Go see this entry of [ profile] cheloya! She played FFVII over again in order to see if the rumor I heard was true: about getting Vincent before Yuffie and then having him say she 'looked familiar'...

but it's even better!

Cause he says he's seen her somewhere!

*dies of happiness*

I mean, this just validates (okay, so maybe not) everything for me!


*dances like a maniac*

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The official website has gone up!

For some reason, I kind of wanted to start weeping when I saw it. Because the sudden surge of FFVII related material is just... staggering. I mean, just staggering. At least one new game, a cell phone game that's gotten a huge following (already at thirteen chapters!), a movie that everyone's dying to see, maybe a couple remakes in the wings... this is still like some surreal dream for me.

*prays* Please, please, please - let Yuffie be in the game. Please let Yuffie be in the game in a prominent way. Please let Yuffie and Vincent tagteam the game.


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