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Title: "Still"
Author: [ profile] demeter918
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note. Or Raito. Or Misa.
Characters: Raito, Misa
Warnings: spoilers for up to Chapter 59, vaguely futurish.
Words: 360

Misa waits. A lot. )
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Title: "Break"
Author: Demeter
Disclaimer: All rights and privileges of Death Note characters, objects and plots are property and trademarks of Takeshi Obata and Tsugimi Ohba, Shonen Jump, Shueiha, and associated parties. The author claims no legal responsibility for problems associated with using this work. The original story, relationships, and characters found within the fic are property of Demeter.
Series: Death Note
Rating: PG
Characters: Raito, L
Notes: Spoilers up to Ch.60
Warnings: ...Raito with a psychotic break?


it's too late )

This was actually that first DN fic I mentioned. It just... never got around to being finished until now.-_-

Concrit greatly appreciated!
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discontent maketh my fingers type.

have not written any of the memefics yet. ;_; laziness laziness so much laziness

Title: "Off the Path"
Rating: G
Characters: L, Raito
Words: 179
Warnings: pre-second arc

it's not quite conventional )
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GASP! More than two pieces in one day!

Title: "The Way of Misa"
Author: [ profile] demeter918
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG13
Characters: Misa, Raito
Warnings: Spoilers up to Ch.58, vaguely futurish


it's different, from the other side )

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