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Second part and this one is a killer because this is the section that has 'fairy tales'... almost the reason why I read/participate in Yuletide in the first place.

* Stars denote a more specific rec. And/Or more love.

Yuletide Recs F - L: Chronicles of Narnia, Fairy Tales, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy XIII, Gargoyles, Greek and Roman Mythology, Howl's Moving Castle, His Dark Materials, Graveyard Book, Jurassic Park, Little Mermaid, Love Mode, Love Actually )
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Doing Yuletide recs this year and have decided to be slow and methodical about it. Huh. Strange feeling.

*Stars denote a more specific rec.

Yuletide Recs A-E: A Little Princess, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Alice in Wonderland (2009), Anne of Green Gables, Archie, Beauty and the Beast (1991), Babysitter's Club, Bourne Trilogy, Burn Notice, Calvin and Hobbes, Despicable Me, Earthsea - Ursula K. Le Guin )

I'm really enjoying the fics I've read so far, though I feel like I'm missing something...
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I received the loveliest, loveliest Yuletide fic, for a fandom I have so little to read for, especially good fic.

I'll Still Be Here in the Morning by Anonymous. Love Mode, Jin/Katsuki

Whoever wrote that, must either have read through my recs and fics and known what I'd wanted, because that's what I wanted! I am so unbelievably happy with this fic! It makes me all giddy and excited and I've already copy and pasted it to my hard drive so I can read it whenever I want. =) Katsuki is one of those idiot characters that somehow turn into the character you really identify with. I loved, loved him and the relationship between him and Jin. This fic really captures what I love most about the pairing. =)

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This time, it's a Snape/Lupin/Black fic. Basically, at first it's Black and Snape tolerating each other and there being a very, very careful balance, with Remus as the balancer. The two of them still can't really handle each other, but it's worked, for a little while with them being very equal about how much time is spent between one of them and Remus. I can't quite remember what happens next, but essentially, something upsets the balance and Snape's outside of it. He's preparing to leave when Remus finally puts an end to it by insisting that they roleplay to get over their issues. Thus, Sirius 'buys' Snape and they spend a night together and yay, it's sexy and wonderful.

... I'm all about the Snape feeling chilled out of the threesome, though. XD That's why I want to reread it.

Anyone know which fic I'm talking about?

I posted this over a year ago, and I'm still looking for this fic. Does anyone know this fic on my flist? Please? Please? Please?
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It's time for some peanut butter cups.

fic rec!

Sep. 6th, 2008 09:10 pm
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The Ex by [ profile] azriona (implied Doctor/Rose, River Song)
I like River Song enough (to the point that I can see her coming onto the show in the future with Tennant and not being terribly bothered by it) and this fic was short and sweet and reconciled my viewpoint of the possible future!Doctor/River with the Doctor and Rose of the past. It's a lovely piece of writing and it got me tearing up, just a bit.


Jul. 14th, 2008 09:00 am
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I got a PM from someone on and this is what it said:

write new ss/hp/dm fics

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Okay, I don't even like Harry/Snape. In truth, I usually avoid it at all costs, it's one of those things of mine, doesn't make a whole lot of rational sense, it just is, but oh, oh, oh, this fic. This fic is absolutely wonderful and tragic and just wonderfully written. There are about ten million sentences that I want to reread just for the sentence structure. No, seriously. It's about grief and grieving, life after and life before, about so many things... and yet, not.

Read it carefully. You'll be glad you did.

Odysseus's Last Days by [ profile] amand_r


Oct. 17th, 2005 03:18 pm
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I have been writing, believe it or not. (wait, no, don't believe it because I'll only disappoint!)

Working on a Trelawney fic, McGonagall fic, and Remus fic. Odd trio, to be told, but I couldn't write Snape for some damn reason and Riddle gave me hell for trying to creep through his mind.

FFVII fics by the dozen and none of them want to be finished. Mostly because it's been a long while since I've written anything really romantic and darn it, I want to make it romantic. I love Yuffie and I want her and Vincent to be happy but is that happening in twenty pages? Nuh uh, I don't think so!


Rikku-fic, Akito-fic, Ritsu-fic, Rin-fic, AmericanGods-fic, and a number of other things that suck and suck and suck. Blargh. I've never felt this incompetant before.


That felt good to get off my chest.
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Whoa, I just read a lovely Snape and Draco fic.

Newts and Salamanders by [ profile] orange_crushed

I like it lots. =) There are some Snape and Draco fans on my flist, I know there is. Go and read it!

*moves on to obsessively searching for Percy fic*
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Title: Envy
Author: Demeter
Series: Fruits Basket

click here to be entertained by Akito... )

By the way - my HP essay is still being worked on. I'm having trouble with the character (Percy) through no fault of his. I want to make this somewhat unbiased (hah, perish the thought) and it's not exactly working. It's late - due date June 30th - but I should have it done by tomorrow evening or Sunday. *pause* No, I will have it done.

Personal stuff that's pretty boring )

By the way; is it even possible for online blogs to get more hysterical and funny?


It apparently can.

[ profile] fanfic_hateLine up your most hated HP slash fics, right here. And someone volunteered my Garden of Delights fic as "one of the worst slash fics ever". Does anyone even remember that atrocity? I submitted Snape to the mandrakes, and they were kind enough to bang him into oblivion during broad daylight.

I am strangely pleased. Is that bad?

There were a bunch of fics mentioned. As usual, there's the almost-too-normal fics reported; you know the ones I mean, but the community hit some subtle ones that - either because of content and pairing - aren't as widely read as they deserve.

And they missed some fics I thought deserved to be there. I mean; absolutely no one brought up Sushi's In Academia series, though that has been one of the few stories that actually made me ill. It was sick, sick, sick, sick, sick; I love it anyways. There was no The Coachwhip by Scorpio Grudge which has to be one of the more interesting snake-as-sexual-object fics I've yet to see. (Well, she hasn't posted anything to since 2002, so that might be a reason)

Nice to see several familiar series that I read a while back - rec time!

there's something about all these fics... )

I've finished a Sakura-centric fic (from Naruto) that needs some editing before it can be put up. I anticipate Sunday. I really, really, really like it. *loves*

Links to Fruits Basket Anime Music Videos
LuV & jOy oF FrUiTs BaSkEt (All! Except Akito *pouts*)
Disturbing Behaviour (Kagura)
Empathetic (Yuki/Tohru/Kyo)
Riceball Love
Colorful Love
Grande Finale (absolutely BEAUTIFUL Hatori/Kana tribute)
Love Hurts (hysterical Kagura one!)
Wash Away those Years
Tears in Heaven (an Akito/Tohru video)

Links to a couple of Naruto vids
Disney in D(wchang) Minor
Tears of Snow (A Haku Tribute
Toushi (Absolutely awesome)

These are anime-specific. There are some crossovers that are really pretty, especially "Tainted Donuts". I'll list my favourite ones later. ^_^

I've been considering in just putting up the scans from the manga; translating them is more of hassle than I originally thought, and it's putting a kink in... well, everything. -_- Well, Volume 10 first. Then 11, because that has the most awesome scene of Akito absolutely beautiful in all his rage.

Fic Rec(s)

Apr. 20th, 2004 10:19 am
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The Palmer Method.

If you're a Percy-fan, and don't object to the idea of him being on the dark side - though so not the point - then this is a powerful fic. I'm fond of spy!Percy, but I liked how the fic concentrated on power rather than any discussion about good and evil. It never even brought it up, and that, in my opinion, is the hardest thing to do whenever you try use the killing curse. haha. So not for you good!Percy lovers out there... though that includes me technically. -_-

Another Wolf by Larkspur
THE Kakashi/Sakura fic I mucho love at the moment.
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Jagged )

I have some interesting recs for everyone.


Another Wolf by Larkspur - Kakashi/Sakura. Utterly exquisite. Tense. Hot. Almost like someone's drawing a line across your throat.

Three Pieces of an Annoyingly Difficult Puzzle by Kokoro Kakera HP - No pairings, really, but if you want: Sasuke/Sakura/Naruto. It's not even about that as much as about choices. If you had to choose between two people to save and you absolutely loved them both, who would you save?

A Girl Thing by Firefly - *grin* For those who have suffered cramps, PMS, mood swings and have had to deal with idiot men and boys who ask us in that snide voice of theirs, "is it that time of the month again?"

One Piece

Overboard by X-parrot - Incredible, incredible One Piece fic dealing and tracing the effects of how the crew of Merry would deal if just one person was lost. People die all the time; heck, they kill people all the time, but that one person... >_< I'm in love with this story, so I suggest everyone read it if you're a One Piece fan.

By A Kiss by Croik - It;s hard to say much about this other than that a bit of it deals with the relationship between Luffy to his crew and just how important they are to each other. But it's very funny and I love how IC everyone is.

Stronger by Mess - A wonderful story detailing Tashigi, Smoker, and Hina and asking the age-old question: What is justice? ^_^ While I love the Merry crew, the fics dealing with the Marines - especially Smoker and Tashigi! - make me go all excited.

Enervation by starah - One-shot of how Zoro reacts to Tashigi letting the Merry crew go after the events in Alabasta. Rather sweet actually. I'm not a fan of the pairing, but this definitely transcends beyond that and goes into their competition and how a small misunderstanding could wreck someone's sense of 'justice'. I love Tashigi. *cuddles*

That's all for today. I'll be doing a bigger list (eventually) later, but don't count on it soon. It's finals week, I work this weekend, and Orlando next week!

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