Dec. 3rd, 2007 01:28 pm
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I mentioned this before, I think, but when I was at Tokyo Game Show, I saw the trailers and demo games for FFIV, remade for the Nintendo DS, and I just recently saw the theme PV for it. AND OMG. SO BEAUTIFUL. This was the first Final Fantasy that made me swoon, and seeing Cecil and Kain in their pretty little sprite selves (PLUS THE CGI!) made me go to the floor in absolute ecstasy. Plus. Plus. PLUS. The part I'm most excited about? No, not Rydia and Edge's oh-so-cool interactions. Not Kain's tragic circumstances. Not even the part where Cecil goes from Dark Knight to cool motherfucker. It's the part where Palom and Porom turn themselves into STONE.

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I've finally figured out where in relation to my normal Tokyo haunts the SE store is! Though I'm heading to Tokyo this weekend to meet up with my family, I doubt they'll be too interested in visiting, so I'll save that for a future visit. I have to head to Tokyo a couple more times in the net month, anyways, since my sister's staying for a month and a half (ooh, I forgot to mention that! I'm quite excited about it!).

I really wish I could go to the Square Enix Party, but that weekend is impossible. =( I would have given something to be able to make it Tokyo that weekend, but... next year. I'll go next year. Maybe clear my schedule a few months in advance. =P Though of course, I was reading the details and you need to be a member of their SE club. I'll have to figure out how to sign up for that... which reminds me. [livejournal.com profile] nemkess, you wanted me to sign you up for a club, right? I completely forgot about it and I'm now completely clueless where the information went. It's weird, but I always thought forgetfulness was supposed to come during my advancing years. I'm not advancing. Yet. Maybe.

They're going to be showing off new play arts figurines at the SE party, though I only want the Yuffie one to complement my Vincent... you know, once I saw an old Yuffie figurine, you know, the one from FFVII original, and it was expensive, a hundred and fifty dollars, but in retrospect, I really, really wish I'd bought it. Would have been worth all my drooling!

Maybe Reno too, but that's because I'm shallow like that. ;)

I need to catch up on my flist. Like, seriously.
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I haven't been posting at all lately due to mainly work. There was an English speech contest on Saturday and I'd basically devoted my life to it for the last two weeks. Seriously, staying at work until 8 and 9, having these fourteen year old girls repeat after me, eating random bits of rice balls to stave off hunger... I almost went insane. I think I did go a little insane. Hee. Saturday was excellent though, since nearly all my third year students won awards. Only four out of twelve of them didn't end up with an award. The second year students weren't so lucky, but the thing was that I'd been working with the third years for almost a month whereas the second years ended up coming to me literally the week of the competition. They were disappointed, but they've already rallied and insisted on going again next year. I feel a teeny bit sad and regretful that I won't be able to watch them bulldoze to the finish line. I love Japan, the crew, and even at times, the job, but I'm ready to move onto my next RALLY-HO!

By the way, I've become re-infatuated with FF again. ALL of them. I'm replaying FFIX right now, and I think I'll hit FFVII afterwards before doing FFX and maybe finishing up my last game of FFVIII. And sadly, I still have to play Kingdom Hearts II. I know, I know, I hear the gasps of you haven't played it yet??!!! and it's true, I've had the game (delivered via the absolutely tasty [livejournal.com profile] kawaiiayu for literally months and months now but I've yet to touch it. That's just the way I am; with any game except for the FF series, I'll sometimes sit on them for months, even years, before I play them. With KHII, I have a better excuse.

Once winter hits, there will be no going out for this gal (five foot snowdrifts, freezing temperatures, nasty weather all around. Then, oh, then I'll attack the game with a ferocious chomp.

I do rather miss the music. *tear*

I'm catching up with my emails, promise. Just as soon as, uh, I have more time. ;)


Oct. 2nd, 2005 02:20 am
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While I would love to keep to just FFVII, this makes me all hot and bothered. ~_^

Ships, ahoy! )

Yuffie and Vincent deserve their own special little post. =)

I think it's time I started writing fic again.

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