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I'm setting up my mom's laptop and connecting it to wireless network in our home, and I was staring at the google homepage. On a whim, I typed in Relena. Nothing else, just Relena.


Certainly, there are many anti-Relena sites, but I was surprised by how many sites there were supporting her too. It made me smile. And I bumped into a very dedicated site in finding various ways to torture Relena. One of the things I always found odd about the fans so focused on hating her was this: in focusing so much on her, they literally gave more of the spotlight to her than their precious pilots. That never made much sense to me. In creating sites devoted to exaggerating her negative attributes, it made newcomes all the more receptive to the big question mark when they eventually watched the series. Because, yeah, there were some WTF moments for Relena, but nowhere like what anti-Relena fans were writing about, which makes them slightly ludicrous when viewed from a neutral point of view.

Hm. It's been a while since I've written anything on Relena... this 'whim' spawned a few plotbunnies.
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Title: "Unnatural"
Rating: G
Characters: Relena, Zechs
Words: 104
Warnings: spoilers for the whole series... which is how old?

love, it ain't )

This is actually one of several pieces (different fandoms, different genres, different characters) that (I've done over the past couple of weeks and just... never bothered posting. But I'm feeling funky tonight so here's some more.

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I came back Friday, but due to laziness and the ability to sleep, I said nothing. Winks to all. Florida... was... weird.

But I got tipsy. But bad-tipsy, since I've discovered that no matter how hard I try, I cannot keep alcohol down. More than one drink and I throw everything up. Yuck yuck yuckity yuck. The grueling experiences I went through could be written into a novel.

Trip to Florida )

Next up! My Relena-drabble.

More nonsense than fic, but bravery is so overrated. If she wants to cry, then damn it! Let her have her cry! There's nothing shameful in expressing grief, even if some feel it's 'unwarranted grief'.

Title - A Rock and a Hard Place
Rating - PG
Warning - hint of slash/yaoi


A Rock and a Hard Place )
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It's Christmas now. It's actually 3 in the morning where I am. And I haven't finished wrapping presents. *sick*


MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Bells to-whatever-holiday-suits-you-best-in-this-month. Michaelmas? Yeah. I'm stupid today.

So. I finished a GW fic! No Christmas stuff this year. *sigh* No Snape/Remus fic. No Relena/Dorothy fic. Just... the war fic I promised.

Slit Her Throat )

And I also got an interesting flame. I don't know how this happened exactly, but this girl is pro-yaoi (quite vocally), but after reading my HP fic Seventy Days to Hell, she called me a "you second rate child porn writer".



Strange, since that fic didn't actually have any porn at all in it. *sigh* I wish it did. But I'm just no good at it. *shakes head*

This is liberal hack and slash of her review (and before any of you rush to my defense, I commented first about her "Relena must die" fic. Poor of me, yes, but awah, satisfying in ways that good behaviour can't bring) but: "but I happen to be a girl. I hate Relena Dorlin from Gundam Wing and Stupid Girl aka Baka On'na reflects that."

I felt terrible for her. She thinks that just because she's a girl, she can't be sexist. Oh, how false that it is, my dear. The stupidity of sexism, racism, and every sort of -ism you can think of transcends all boundaries. It is the only thing that does, I do believe. ^_^

Ah. Nothing like a discovered beauty of a flame on Christmas morning to brighten the day and starch the shirt!


Yeah. Sarcasm doesn't work when I'm half-dead typing this.

And for those wondering whether I'll ever get anything written in the travels journal; either tomorrow or Friday. Promise.



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