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Now that the moment of unabashed fangirling is done and passed, lets go take a look at the things that bothered me.

This is a better-worded, better-written, and more articulate piece about X-men and superhero movies/comics in general!

Alexander Chee's critique of the American superhero comics>

spoilers for X-men: First Class and creaky attempts at meta )

Even with all its flaws, I adored it. I guess this is partly why I even wrote this rather confusing ramble; you can recognize something for its problems and still love it!

Also. Michael Fassbender is beyond hot and he and James McAvoy have the sort of onscreen chemistry I'm always wishing for. YUM.
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Coming in chorus; powerful and beautiful speech. But I laughed at Rev. Joseph Lowery's speech more, since he seemed to be just enjoying the moment, like us.

The world feels really different. Huh. I'm not used to this! It all feels so odd and just a bit freaky. FREAKY FREAKY FREAKY. I AM ACTUALLY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

This is really weird.
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Bush is leaving, Bush is leaving, BUSH IS LEAVING.

Edit1: BUSH is on the steps!

Edit2: Cheney is leaving. WOOOOOOOT! This man was the bane of so many people's existence.

Edit3: Bush is getting out!

Edit4: Yes, yes!

Edit5: Goodbye former President Bush. You won't be missed, but for this moment only, ummmmm, erm, thanks? Kinda? Not really, but yeah, you irritated me, you made me angry, your ideals are pretty much the opposite of mine, but... dude. It's hard to hate on a guy who just left with pretty much some of the lowest ratings in history. That's like kicking the dog when it's down and I'm not much of a kicker. Almost. *small, teensy kick*
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While Proposition 8 failed to pass (so far) in California, in Arizona and Florida, constitutional amendments that recognize marriage as between one man and one woman, unfortunately succeded.

As of this morning, Arkansas is banning unmarried partners from adopting children (and thus targeting gay couples) and it's one of those things that I hate; they use what they believe is neutral language to present a bill that does nothing but discriminate against two different groups of people. They make it about the children, when it's so much more about their own bigotry and intolerance. Children my ASS.

Happily, both South Dakota and Colorado rejected the measures to ban abortion in most cases. South Dakota is probably the biggest relief because the same bill was introduced in 2006 (remember THAT?) but without the amendments they included this time around (it's now OKAY TO GET AN ABORTION IF YOU WERE RAPED AND/OR A PRODUCT OF INCEST. GEE. THANKS). Some people thought the measure might pass this time around because of the amendments, but logic apparently won out for once.

For my own state Washington, Democrat incumbent Gregoire has been projected to be the winner, which is a tremendous relief if you live in our state and have seen Dino Rossi campaigning. He skeeves me out and besides that, I'm in disagreement with him over most of the major social issues. Ho.

We now have:

- The right to die.
- Another small increase in our already-high sales tax (but since this is supporting our mass-transit plan, I'm okay with it).

So basically?



Jul. 1st, 2008 12:07 am
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I keep watching the same clip (you know, THAT CLIP) on youtube over and over and over and I've started muting it and watching it while listening to various pieces of music and this is really starting to get sad.

(Red Hot Chili Peppers', "Snow (Hey Oh)" is working really well)

This clip if you're still confused. Spoilers for The Stolen Earth.

favorite part of that clip )

I need to stop talking about Doctor Who.

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