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Alan Rickman did a lot of amazing work and I know he was so much more than one series or even multiple plays.

But for me, in a way, he will always be Severus Snape, the character I grew up with, loved and hated, worried and brooded. He breathed life into a complex character who represented so much to so many, and gave me fits of love and fits of fury, made me want to shake him and hug him, and wish that in the end, he’d recognized that he’d done the right things for the wrong reasons, but that they’d been done anyways.

Either way, farewell Mr. Alan Rickman. I hope wherever you are, the air smells of spices.

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I feel a subtle shift in me now that the last Harry Potter movie is over and done with. I've been thinking about it the last few weeks and it's been slowly, but surely, taking over my life. I've been decluttering and packing away old, precious things. It's a little sad, but inevitable, I think. Well. Until I have a room to display it all again. Of course.

The last movie was a wonderful experience; it can never match what I felt when I read the book, but it approximated something close to it. I had some good friends to experience the movie with and I thought it was good that they put in that epilogue in. We needed a laugh after all that seriousness!

So. Yeah. Harry Potter. Over.
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You know, you don't really think about it at first; there's so much going on in the seventh book, that all the stories meld together into this single narrative that you get drawn into and then the next moment, poof! you've finished and are now grumbling about the epilogue. (For the record, I'm now mostly neutral about the epilogue. Coulda definitely lived without it, but I get why she wrote it the way she did.)

I remember not liking Dumbledore a great deal through sections of the series, like in PoA through OotP, and in HBP, it was odd to start liking him again. And then you get the whole Dumbledore backstory in DH and you think, oh. so that's it. No wonder. And it really changes your perspective on this guy you thought was as big a manipulator as anyone else in the series; he's still a manipulator, but you can almost love him for it. (Sort of...)

I guess this is just me professing a love for Professor Dumbledore. I'm not sure why the sudden upwelling of emotion, but it might have something to do with rereading books six and seven and remembering how much I loved those books and the fact that I quite think Albus and Gellert have one of those sorrowful stories that are always there, lurking in the background, but don't surface enough so that it's shoved in your face. The story itself is obviously still all Harry's; it's just that if you think about it, if you really think about it, it was very much Albus' story as well.

And I can't help get all weepy and stupid over things like Grindelwald not telling Voldemort where the wand is, Albus delaying his duel with Gindelwald because he was afraid of knowing his greatest fear - who actually killed Ariana, the long estrangement between him and Aberforth, and the fact that Albus really was alone in the world, for all people said the school and staff were his family. But considering it took Rita Skeeter to give us something even resembling a history for this character, I'm thinking that for a large part, Dumbledore never let anyone close enough to have them truly become his family.

Okay. Now I'm all maudlin. It's the holidays, I swear.
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It was lovely, and that's all I really need to say.

Of course I've got gripes about it, but who doesn't when a favorite series is made into a movie? But overall, I knew where it was going and why it was going, and that played a great deal into my enthusiasm for the future second part in July.


I do love Emma Watson, and I hope she continues acting.
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The first part of the seventh HP movie is coming out in a few days. Midnight tickets are bought, group outfits are assembled, and supplies for the waiting period prior are packed.

But strangely, I'm a little reluctant to see this movie. It's the same way I felt about the seventh book; I couldn't bear to read it at first, because I knew no matter how many times I could riffle through the pages and read it again, there's nothing like that very first time, each new page and direction filling you with thrills and sorrow. You honestly don't know what's going on, and no matter how much you've theorized or discussed or bet, it's unveiling itself in front of you, like some sort of cosmic canon map. It's the same with this movie, which I wager will be a tearfest by the end. I cried when I finished reading the seventh book; no doubt I'll be a sobbing, phlegmy mess by the end of the second part. (for one thing, how am I going to sit through Snape's death without going to pieces?)

As a movie, that's weird. I know exactly who is going to live and who is going to die. Technically, that movie will show nothing new. They're not going to randomly kill off, say, Minerva McGonagall, for dramatics. They're not going to give Fred Weasley a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. They split the movie, and while the point of that was to make loads more money (which does not bother me), it also means that those moments in the books that gave us all pause? Time will be (hopefully) given to them. We're going to lose Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Snape, Lupin, Tonks, Colin, Mad-Eye Moody, Vincent, and maybe we'll even get a mention of those like Rufus Scrimgoer, who died protecting Harry, or Ted Tonks, who should have gotten more than a passing mention, or Charity Burbage, whose death started the book out.

1998 was when I became a fan of HP and you could say that I feel melancholy that in a matter of months, it's going to be over. (no matter if she writes and eighth, ninth, or tenth book... HP ended at seven for me, even if I do read and enjoy her future works). After the second part, we're not going to have more movies to look forward to (unless someone goes off the deep end and decides that making a movie about MWPP-era would be a great idea) and certainly, no matter how dramatic that sounds, an era is over.

Doesn't make me sad, per se, but it does brings up the chance for me to write pseudodeep, emotastic posts about it.

Kinda worth it in the end.
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The seventh movie is going to kill me. I'm already crying at random intervals whenever I think about the happenings of that book.

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The midnight premiere was a lot of fun, though I mostly abstained from the activities going around me. (WHEN DID FANS GET THIS YOUNG? I feel old.) There were some interesting costumes; there were two girls dressed in nothing but pillowcases, a guy in Ron's dreadful dress robes from the fifth mobie (a rather brilliant job, actually), and even a gal dressed quite smartly as a firebolt. Alas, I took no photos, but they're in my head!

Speaking of which. The movie? Loved it. However...

Very Much a Seventh-Movie-Set-Up )

I think it's time to read some HP fic again!
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I am surprisingly both hysterically excited and rather apathetic about the sixth movie. But I have my midnight tickets. I'm dragging someone along.

It should be fantastic. And I'm excited, I am! But at the same time, I'm almost reluctant to see the movie. It's going to be the end of months and months of delicious anticipation. HOW SICK AM I?

Also. It means we're one movie closer to the end.

And that sounds a lot more pathetic than it is is.

I'm speaking in one-liner sentences today.




I think I shall dress-up for the midnight premiere.
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I've been busy the last couple - okay, okay, many - months, but it's Wednesday and I've seen two movies this week. The Proposal on Monday and Transformers on Tuesday. I liked both, though Transformers was a wee bit disappointing. I'm all about badass robots and witty one-liners in movies, but dude, when I'm getting bored because I can't tell what's going on due to all the explosions, you might have a problem.

Otherwise... no, I did enjoy it. The only thing I wish is that they'd stuck more with the robots from the first movie and tried less to include new ones. C'MON. GIVE ME MY RATCHET AND IRONHIDE. AND MORE 1st!Mikaela and less of this sexed-up version.

The Proposal was cute. Haven't seen a romantic comedy in a long time, so it was a treat to see one that was actually enjoyable. Lovely, indeed!


Harry Potter is coming soon, two weeks! TWO WEEKS.

I'm getting all itchy and excited about this movie, especially the parts that'll involve flashbacks. And I'm looking forward to Snape and Draco's parts in this... well, particularly Snape. And Narcissa. And Dumbledore. And Luna. Oh, heck, all of them. (but Luna!!!!!)

Also, I'm just the teensiest bit annoyed about the crowers who say Twilight has replaced Harry Potter. I DON'T THINK SO. Argh, how can you even compare the two, augh augh augh augh augh augh augh. I know, I know, different strokes for different people, yah, I'm being kind of petty, and hai, why should I even-care-they're-fictional, but YO. TWILIGHT VS HARRY POTTER? Doesn't that make anyone feel like they've dropped down a rabbit warren, only to run backwards from zombie lizards?

Um. Or maybe just me...

(Psst, I'm going to Chicago in September for Harry Potter: The Exhibition.)
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I haven't been able to attend an American convention in over three years... and now I just heard about Comic-Con 2009... and Azkatraz 2009, the next HP con.

I am feeling conflicted!

Do I go? It's in San Francisco, my side of the country. It's very easy for me to get there from Seattle, I have friends all over I could visit (or persuade to go... which I doubt, but you never know). And maybe I could drag my sister up from LA to her very first HP con. I haven't been to one since Nimbus 2003. It was so, so, so much fun, but EEEK. I can't justify going to both (well, I would, but since I'm heading to Japan in March and maybe East Coastish in June, I doubt I'd have the time off work to go to two cons in July).

Comic-Con or Harry Potter? HP is near and dear to my heart, but I've always wanted to check out Comic-Con.

Or do I go to neither and head for New Zealand?


Jul. 14th, 2008 09:00 am
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I got a PM from someone on and this is what it said:

write new ss/hp/dm fics

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Title: “Outside the Loop” (2/2)
Author: [ profile] demeter918
Pairing/Characters: Percy/Kingsley, Percy/Penelope
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,689 words.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and associated items do not belong to me. Alas.
Summary: Percy Weasley and the year that was. It’s not easy being a prat.

Author's Notes: DH-compliant. The second half of the fic was scrapped and the first half rewritten after the seventh book came out. Writer apologizes for the obsessive compulsion to make this fic vaguely DH-compliant. It’s like bashing heads, really.

Part 1

Part 2 )
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I'm not sure why I haven't posted this till now... but, well, you know how I forget things sometimes. ANYWAYS. This was my entry into the 2007 Percy Ficathon. I just realized that the 2008 ficathon is going on and I completely forgot to sign for it. -_-;;

It's a bit stale, really.

Title: “Outside the Loop” (1/2)
Author: [ profile] demeter918
Pairing/Characters: Percy/Kingsley, Percy/Penelope
Rating: PG
Word Count: 12,689 words.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and associated items do not belong to me. Alas.
Summary: Percy Weasley and the year that was. It’s not easy being a prat.

Author's Notes: DH-compliant. The second half of the fic was scrapped and the first half rewritten after the seventh book came out. Writer apologizes for the obsessive compulsion to make this fic vaguely DH-compliant. It’s like bashing heads, really.

Part 1 )

Considering this is one of the only things I've written in the past, like, year. Yeah. I haven't posted a new fic in over a year. That's how little I've written.

Luckily... NEW FANDOM! Ooh, shiny Doctor Who!
demeter918: blue doraemon cat (Default) bought the one copy of Tales of Beedle the Bard that was up for auction.

I think it's actually quite nice that they bought it and are sharing it with people. For all we know, it could have ended up in the hands of a private collector who wouldn't be quite as generous with pictures and descriptions. I'm not sure how much they're going to be allowed to reveal, didn't J.K. Rowling say it couldn't be republished? Does that mean just for profit? Or does it mean as long as they publish it on a free forum, it'll be alright? (the cynical part of me wonders about publicity, and yeah, that is a quite a bit of positive publicity considering. But just a small, cynical part. ;))

Also, I'm still flabbergasted by the amount of people who are saying J.K. Rowling owes them this book, that she had no right to do it. Seriously. What?
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Okay, I don't even like Harry/Snape. In truth, I usually avoid it at all costs, it's one of those things of mine, doesn't make a whole lot of rational sense, it just is, but oh, oh, oh, this fic. This fic is absolutely wonderful and tragic and just wonderfully written. There are about ten million sentences that I want to reread just for the sentence structure. No, seriously. It's about grief and grieving, life after and life before, about so many things... and yet, not.

Read it carefully. You'll be glad you did.

Odysseus's Last Days by [ profile] amand_r
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In case it wasn't wholly clear, I find the Dumbledore/Grindelwald reveal both wonderful, intriguing and lovely. I suppose I could think about the fact that she chose to wait until after she finished the series to reveal this oh-so-important-to-the-plot-point. I suppose I could think about the possibility that she's doing this to gain points with progressivse. I suppose I could think that she chose an 'easy' character to make gay.

Or I could squee about Dumbledore and Grindelwald doing the horizontal mambo and then discussing ways to rule the magical world over a nice, hot cup of tea and maybe a few sandwiches. Ooh, and maybe a roast chicken in the background too. Wouldn't mind some peppermint fudge, and those cakes with the curlicues on top. Then fastforwarding to their last battle where Dumbledore triumphs over Grindelwald, locks him away, and then grieves in solitude with a broken heart that will probably never fully heal.


I feel a bit mean, thinking like that. ;)
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I have to admit, I beamed a little when my friend texted me about the new fact about Dumbledore. If only because it makes all my witty banter with my friends true. And that I'm not totally a deranged lunatic for insisting that Dumbledore and Grindelwald had a lot of, ahem, tension.

See, this is my kind of story. If you know my reading habits, you know I tend to love tragic stories, gen if I can get it, lovely love angst if I can't. Tragic love story? Check. Check. Check. Check. Checkcheckcheckcheckcheck. ;) I don't really feel she took the cowards way out. I don't really think it was a cop-out. I have no particular feelings about having written it in the book versus her speaking about it in an interview.

I'm just really, really, really happy that the subtext was exactly that. Luscious, delicious, wonderful subtext that gives me hundreds of shining ideas of what it must have been like for Dumbledore to have to defeat the one he loves because he knew it needed to be done. To sit in his office while Grindelwald was locked away elsewhere. EEEEEEEEEEK. This hits my buttons like that


I'm looking forward to seeing some of the fics that are surely to come. Surely?


Dumbledore loves Grindelwald! Practically skipping with glee!
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I finished my Percy entry. Sent my Percy entry. And am thoroughly annoyed at myself. Once we can reveal who we are, I'll say why, but seriously. I am such a silly GOOSE.

Though I have to say... I feel a hells lot better! RELIEF! ASSIGNMENT IS DONE! YES!

Celebration with strawberry ice cream and good popsicle. Mmmmm.

By the way. Japan is steaming hot right now. Seriously.

... I miss Seattle.

DH fic rec

Jul. 30th, 2007 01:56 pm
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I wish I could be one of those amazing reccers that recs something everyday that's just utterly awesome and inspire new heights of writing ambition... but alas, I am not, though I will try. Maybe. Am bad at this kind of stuff. ;)

Platform 9.999999999999999... by [ profile] trickofthedark.

Gen, Dumbledore, spoileriffic and truly, truly, truly beautiful. It's funny, it's poignant, it's so Dumbledore and gee whiz, I love the drawings. Seriously, go READ!
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Just out of curiousity: I know the book wasn't perfect, there were plenty to gripe about, etc. etc. etc.

But overall, I loved it. I'm not the only one, right?


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