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The NTT boys said that it had something to do with the fiber optics and I nodded and hmmed and generally went along with them speaking in rapid-fire techspeak Japanese. ;) Awesome experience, by the way! So they're coming on Monday to check it out and I guess they think they can... install more? What? Or find a new one? What? I'm not too sure what he actually meant, so we'll see on Monday. Maybe he was really saying I needed pink flamingos to stand in parallel lines.

Meanwhile, so many new anime series! So many and I can't watch them yet. ;_;

Note: take this chance to study Japanese.
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Well, I finally have internet back at my desk at work. I suppose the squeaky wheel really does get the grease.

And thank you, to that anonymous red rose sender! It cheered me up to see a rose that didn't have to be watered and carefully tended until the itch in my fingers was twitching for rapid destruction. Plants and I do not mix well. We tend to mutually combust when contact is made. =)

I still do not have internet at home, which is what I really want, but luck is on my side for once. After much grovelling persuasion, my supervisor called YahooBB and arranged for a modem switch on Friday. And if not Friday, Monday. If this works out, and it really was my modem sticking everything up, I may have internet by this weekend! Woot!

... and of course, I could be setting myself up for horrible, disfiguring disappointment, but HEY! That's A-okay! A little hope is better than the dreary half-existence I now have in regards to internet porn and life. The lack of fanfiction seriously eroded my ability to reason. No, seriously. Hey, wait! I'm being serious here!

To the tune of "high school girls"... "fanfiction fanfiction fanfiction!"
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... wherein I discover that my internet was never cut off in the first place.

So, my supervisor calls YahooBB for me to inquire about my problems finally (she's been out all last week because of a thrown back... or something like that) and they told her that while I'd neglected to pay my bills, they'd never actually cut me off. I'd paid at the last month mark that would have inspired them to make me internetless, but it didn't happen. Thus, my internet being gone wasn't because of them.

Why was it then? She called technical support (which, alas, is offered in Japanese only) and they said it most likely was due to something called a 'gas alarm'. Gas alarm? Gas Alarm? Whazzat? So she calls the gas company on YahooBB's recommendation and they inform me that I didn't have one to begin with so that wasn't the problem. Next, I text a friend who suggests calling NTT. My supervisor is understandably annoyed by now, but she gamely calls NTT (my phone company). And they say nothing's wrong with the phone line.


I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT ANYMORE. I have exhausted all approaches and I'm now tempted to pound on the modem with a hammer. Which I won't, because I rent it.


Is this punishment for some unknown crime I've committed?


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