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Bush is leaving, Bush is leaving, BUSH IS LEAVING.

Edit1: BUSH is on the steps!

Edit2: Cheney is leaving. WOOOOOOOT! This man was the bane of so many people's existence.

Edit3: Bush is getting out!

Edit4: Yes, yes!

Edit5: Goodbye former President Bush. You won't be missed, but for this moment only, ummmmm, erm, thanks? Kinda? Not really, but yeah, you irritated me, you made me angry, your ideals are pretty much the opposite of mine, but... dude. It's hard to hate on a guy who just left with pretty much some of the lowest ratings in history. That's like kicking the dog when it's down and I'm not much of a kicker. Almost. *small, teensy kick*
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Congratulations President Obama!

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Anyone going? I have a few friends living in the area, and I'm thinking of heading down to it. Not for the swearing-in itself, since I've read that tickets are near-impossible to get, but I'd love to line up and see the parade. =)

It is a Tuesday, which means I would have to take a few days off work... but... good gracious, it'd be worth it. SO WORTH IT.

Now, can I get enough vacation time for that and a trip to Japan in March?

*crosses fingers*
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Here's a rather cool link: a collection of over 700 magazine covers and newspaper headlines of the Obama win.

It's so beautiful!
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I just found this link on Youtube and I'm dying of laughter... and a, "hey! I was there!"

There's this little city in Japan that just happens to be called Obama. During the last two years, it grew in prominence and the citizens became devoted fans of Barack Obama. They have manjuu (rice flour buns), an Obama/Hillary cake (chocolate swiss cake with cream filling... don't ask me, it didn't taste that good), chopsticks, t-shirts, and a few other things in between. I ended up going there in... mid-May? I bought a t-shirt, ate the cake, had a manjuu, and took photos. They EVEN HAVE A DANCE. Which I did not see when I was there.


And here's Obama celebrating Obama!

I love Japan! Here's another one!

Someday, I'll have to post my pictures of that epic journey, from my little town to their little town.

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