Aug. 12th, 2012 11:53 pm
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I do things slowly. Very slowly. Though I joined AO3 for the 2009 Yuletide, I didn't bother uploading older stories to it until... well, now. Same with Dreamwidth. There wasn't any grand reason; I was just very, very apathetic.

But finally, finally, I'm starting to cross-post. I feel like setting off fireworks.

So. Uh. Yeah! I'm still me at dreamwidth.

Maybe I'll be writing regularly again, maybe I won't. Who knows!?

The future is always changing!
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I'm here! I'm alive! I'm going to import all my LJ entries here! I'm trying to figure out a place (or rather, two places) to store all my fanfiction! It's going to happen! 2012 is a new year!

... this is the sort of time I wish I had magic fingers that could snap! and everything would automatically configure into exactly how I want it to be. Such wishes!

Happy new year! And I just realized I haven't read any Yuletide fics yet!


Mar. 29th, 2011 01:20 pm
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Not that I post much anymore, but it never hurts to try new things out.

It's a lovely, dreary day. Rain and clouds are underrated.
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I'm not sure if anyone on my flist actually still likes Sailor Moon, but it was a big part of my childhood and I'm sure it was a big part of someone else's and maybe still? I have a bunch of random SM stuff - stickers galore, cards, pencil boards, notebooks, playing cards. Silly stuff, mostly. I've been reluctant to get rid of them the past, oh, fifteen years, but it's time. I'm trying to pare down my 'stuff' and this is a good place to start.

If anyone would like to give them a good home, I'll be happy to ship! (the slowest, cheapest path of course)
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A hundred years from now, we'll be reading about Obama and his presidency.

The result is hilarious and frankly, a little sad. *emotear*
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This movie is going to be fantastic, really fantastic. I WANT TO SEE IT.

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Anyone going? I have a few friends living in the area, and I'm thinking of heading down to it. Not for the swearing-in itself, since I've read that tickets are near-impossible to get, but I'd love to line up and see the parade. =)

It is a Tuesday, which means I would have to take a few days off work... but... good gracious, it'd be worth it. SO WORTH IT.

Now, can I get enough vacation time for that and a trip to Japan in March?

*crosses fingers*
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While Proposition 8 failed to pass (so far) in California, in Arizona and Florida, constitutional amendments that recognize marriage as between one man and one woman, unfortunately succeded.

As of this morning, Arkansas is banning unmarried partners from adopting children (and thus targeting gay couples) and it's one of those things that I hate; they use what they believe is neutral language to present a bill that does nothing but discriminate against two different groups of people. They make it about the children, when it's so much more about their own bigotry and intolerance. Children my ASS.

Happily, both South Dakota and Colorado rejected the measures to ban abortion in most cases. South Dakota is probably the biggest relief because the same bill was introduced in 2006 (remember THAT?) but without the amendments they included this time around (it's now OKAY TO GET AN ABORTION IF YOU WERE RAPED AND/OR A PRODUCT OF INCEST. GEE. THANKS). Some people thought the measure might pass this time around because of the amendments, but logic apparently won out for once.

For my own state Washington, Democrat incumbent Gregoire has been projected to be the winner, which is a tremendous relief if you live in our state and have seen Dino Rossi campaigning. He skeeves me out and besides that, I'm in disagreement with him over most of the major social issues. Ho.

We now have:

- The right to die.
- Another small increase in our already-high sales tax (but since this is supporting our mass-transit plan, I'm okay with it).

So basically?

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In sending my ballot last week, I feel like today is just going to be one long day of waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more.

And I've also realized that I've never, ever voted in a physical place. It's always been via absentee. Granted, I was out of the country for the last three years, but I voted absentee in all the elections post-turning-18 and pre-Japan.

You know, this could be the basis of a manga series; popular, young upstart coming out of nowhere to upset the Old Guard. Every other chapter is a triumph over tradition and stodginess, the states are poised on the brink of massive change, something amazing would happen in TV, the whole audience would just happen to be watching, people would get all fired up and righteous, maybe a few personal stories would play out in the background, all threading back to this one day where, naturally, after a long and arduous journey filled with self-revelation and hardship endured, the vote comes in! He wins!

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Dude, I really wish I understood the appeal of High School Musical.

The new season of Smallville is wonderful; Lois and Clark moments abound! I've been waiting since, well, season four for this to start and get some steam going. I know, essentially, the Clark and Lana relationship had to resolve first, but it took so very, very long.

House is not very interesting this season, thus far.

I keep missing Bones.

I finally watched the second X-Files movie and it... was... odd.

I need to find a new anime-viewing-partner since I left all mine back in Japan. *weeps*

Is it weird that I don't like the Twilight books, but I can't wait for the movie to come out? I totally want to be in the theatre for that and see how they do 'sparkly vampires' and whether a screen!Edward would tick me off quite so much.

The Chaos;head anime is strangely hilarious. Creepy!Otaku for the win!

I just read Yotsuba and seriously, one of the funniest manga I've read of late. No relationship drama! No angst drama! No four-panel comedy sketches! Just lots of wackiness, and I am so into it right now.

I'm finally catching up with Tsubasa and XXXholic.

Catching up with Inuyasha is something I'm debating right now; can I really go through fifty+ volumes of Inuyasha/Kagome angst again?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are somewhere on that list.

I bought five new yaoi manga volumes yesterday, and I haven't touched them yet. I was perusing the shelves and there sure are a lot of new ones. As in, there are ones I never thought would get translated and published in the US.

I'm really boring today.

That is all.

True Blood

Oct. 3rd, 2008 09:14 am
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This is about vampires. This is set in the South. The main character's name is Sookie Stackwood. We have a vampire called Bill.

We also have Anna Paquin, who I have a weird love for.

So far?

this is a weird story )

In other, real-life news, the VP debate last night was more boring than I thought it'd be. It's probably very petty of me to say this, but I watched with a kind of half-formed thought that maybe Palin would screw up on the podium. After watching the Couric interview, you'd think she owuld have a hard time dealing with an honest debate, but I guess that 'debate boot camp' kind of worked. Palin rambled a lot. I started tuning her out at points because it got so repetitive.

Mind, Biden wasn't much better. He's pretty repetitive too. I guess that's the point.

Palin still makes my noise muscles twitch. She irritates me so much. Having her as our first female VP candidate just... argh. argh. argh.argharghargharheaejahfkehajfhejkl.


Sep. 19th, 2008 02:51 pm
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Because I actually did have a book near me.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next four to seven sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest [unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go back to step 1].
6. Tag five people.

Bendix laughed. "Of course not! Time has to end somewhere. But there's a problem with the very mechanism that controls the way we've been scooting around the here and now for most of eternity."

"And that is?"

He looked left and right and lowered his voice. "Time travel has yet to be invented! And with the entire multiverse one giant hot ball of superheated gas contracting at incalculable speed into a point one trillionth-trillionth the size of a neutron, it's not likely to be."

(Um, whoever)


I love my new job; it pays well, I'm getting a ton of experience, I'm not as bored as I was teaching in Japan, and I'll be considered for a raise in three months. WHEE. Plus, tentative travel plans for Japan, Taiwan, and China. I'm trying to figure out a time to visit Europe, but I'd really like to spend at least three weeks there, so I think I'd best accumlate vacation time and spare money so I can go on a bit of an adventure!

Plus. I'm home with my family and friends (friends? what friends?) and I really need to un-recluse myself. I want to attend more cons in the USA, but I'm not sure which ones I can make it to, if any.

I kindasorta wish yaoi-con is in LA, if only because of the entirely selfish reason that my sister is there and I'd be able to kill two birds with on stone. There's also Anime Expo, but I might leave that for the next time since it's huge and I like small cons a wee bit better. Any suggestions for cons? I'm keen on going every which way since I want to see parts of the US I haven't yet seen.
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My new job doesn't start till the end of September so I'm currently just bumming around, redecorating, shopping, reestablishing my life stateside. No new fandoms, still moping about Donna, and I miss Rose more than ever.

... I have this sudden wish that I were one of those anime characters who could pop in and out of different worlds at a snap of a finger.
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I've been meaning to post about this for a while now, but on July 24th, I officially ended my three year stint in Japan. =) I went a little off the wall with the stress of moving back stateside, getting things cleaned and packed up, canceling my gas, electric, phones, and etc, and just saying goodbye to my friends here. So overall, it really sucked. *ponders* To move from Japan is like experiencing a mini-war.

Read more... )

I'm at Kansai International Airport and Russia was beautiful and fantastic, but I literally had a crying bout at the checkin counter; I can't believe I started crying in front of the checkin attendant! She looked so scared that she let me come on with overweight luggage. 0_0 That was surprising, considering how strict they are.

I guess it's also because I came back from Russia with one of my best friends in Japan and we got separated during immigration and customs and I can't find her now, and she's probably headed back towards our old Japanese home city of Toyama... so I basically missed out on saying goodbye. I'm really sad about that.

Anyways. I guess this is goodbye to Japan.


Fow now. Bwah ha hahhahahahahahahahaha.
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I am so excited about tomorrow night's episode. I've actually avoided spoiling myself for the most part, so I think I'll try to stay that way!

I'd shriek, but I think my friends would think I just messed up on the cheesecake.

Which reminds me, gotta buy the ingredients for Sunday's cheesecake bakeoff.


Jun. 17th, 2008 08:46 am
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When you spoil yourself, there's no one you can blame but yourself. Ha. -_-;

I really need to stop compulsively clicking on links that SCREAM SPOILERS.

Otherwise, Midnight was almost unanimously liked across the review screens. XD Score for RTD.

I dreamed about this week's episode last night. It involved a dalek in a green dress. I'm not sure what this means.

Also. Do you know that moving from Japan is one of the biggest hassles that EVER WAS? The only thing I'm grateful for is that I'm not moving to another apartment in Japan; the costs for that alone would have been like carving a piece of flesh from me.
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I passed the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), level 3. My three years hear have suddenly been validated! ;)

However, following rather quickly on that, I had one of the worst first year junior high school class ever. Today was the first day I've ever cried over something that happened at work, and I ended up going into one of the spare classrooms that are removed from the rest of the school and having a good cry on a desk. Why?

Because Japanese junior high school students are like junior high school students everywhere and they can be real jerks. I was so frustrated and mad and they went above and beyond the unruliness they usually display. They were throwing paper airplanes at each other, talking to their neighbors while I was trying to demonstrate a grammar point, and they kept messing up all the activities I'd lined up. Most of this is normal, but today, today. When a bunch of them were at the board writing words, one of the girls hit me on my head and then no one would tell me who it was. (which, to a certain extent, is admirable... but I still want to drag that girl by the ear and throw her out) At the end of class, I felt like I'd just failed and the thing is that I know that if they don't want to learn, there's not a lot I can do, but DUDE. If I'd ever shown that much disrespect, my parents would have throttled me... and they have! I mouthed off to a teacher once and my dad gave me a huge spanking.

... anyways. Just venting.


Jan. 4th, 2008 04:34 am
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Okay, I promised someone I would send them tim tams (Australian chocolate-covered chocolate biscuits... kinda of like tiny bites of HEAVEN) since they missed them and I have tim tams in my hand and a slow, sinking feeling that I DON'T REMEMBER WHO I PROMISED I'D SEND THEM TO. I'm back in the states and OMG, I SUCK SO MUCH. *prostrates self* I have a vague idea, but I don't want to send it to the wrong person.

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Happy Holidays! Forgot to mention that I'm home, stateside, for winter break!

Hope everyone got their cards! Had a heck of a time organizing them. Total kill this year? 86 cards, to eleven different countries. It was awesome in the post office as I had a chat with the two guys manning the twenty-four hour window about who these people were.


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