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A hundred years from now, we'll be reading about Obama and his presidency.

The result is hilarious and frankly, a little sad. *emotear*
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So the word is in that Michelle Ryan might be the new Companion.

She's young too.




Jan. 9th, 2009 10:40 pm
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NuttyMadam's rant about people who hated Breaking Dawn.

I know, I'm late to the game, but me and my friend have been trading links back and forth the past few weeks since we both decided that, in a way, Twilight is pretty awesome because it's produced so much hilarious parody material. HAVE YOU SEEN ALL THE STUFF ON YOUTUBE? Beyond awesome.

Ok. So I know it is serious, that she's being serious. But if I'd seen this right after the book came out, I totally would have thought she was making fun of all the super-serious fans. Really, I totally would have thought that.

But... I guess not?
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I kind of miss Yuffie!fics. Like, a lot. There's a lot of Yuffie/Vincent, and OMG, I cannot believe I'm grousing about this, but I am, I'm grousing about the fact that there aren't enough Yuffie!gen fics out there and holy hell and write, I should be beaten for my lack of gratitude to the fact that there are so many Yuffie/Vincent fics out there now.

Dude. I remember when there was, like, one fic for Yuffie and Vincent. Maybe one-fic-and-a-half. And now there are loads and loads and I feel slightly slimy over the fact that I'm complaining (mostly in my head) about the lack of Yuffie!gen. IS THAT INGRATITUDE OR WHAT?

But then, I constantly complain about the lack of Tifa!gen too, so maybe that's why. And really, before I complain, I should try writing it myself.

And I've been feeling the need to read Yuffie and Tifa friendship fics, because I totally think they're now best friends in the world and that they dish about crap all the time. And is there a way to find a fic about the two of them that doesn't involve the icky icky boys?

(yeah, write it myself, yada yada yada)
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My friend pointed me to this and it's the sheer craziness that makes it so wonderful. Twilight Puppets for the win!
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I know I probably should nod furiously with all this and all that...

but I find the TV Tropes assessment of the Faux Action Girl effing hilarious.

And yes, I totally agree with the Sakura part. Cause she's so damn awesome and we're told she's so damn awesome, but we don't get to see it very often. Yeah, yeah, this is a shonen manga, Kishimoto has admitted to an inability to draw/do female characters very well, but you'd think with all the talk about how amazing and talented Sakura is, we'd get something more than a glimpse here and there.


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My friends know me so well. HA. Article on Time Slowing Down. Kind of.

The decision to add the extra second was made by an international consortium of time keepers and was announced on Monday.

International consortium of time keepers?


THAT SOUNDS MUCH PRETTIER THAN IT SHOULD. There are shivers running up and down my spine.

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My friend bought us tickets for the midnight premiere here in Seattle.

I'm starting to look forward to it. Is that weird? I know it's going be a hoot, especially going with her. She loves the books and hates the idea of the movie, whereas I'm not so fond of the books and am okay with the movie.


We'll be with several hundred screaming fans.

And I didn't have violate my dubious ethics code by buying a ticket. Doublewin!

Plus. Kristen Stewart is hot.
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Yesterday, I had my nieces beg me to take them to the weekend premiere of "Twilight". These are the nieces who are often too cool to go out with me. (I guess I've been relegated to Crazy Aunt status, while my sister wins the coveted 'Cool Aunt' status)

BUT... being such a huge Harry Potter fan in my family, they assumed I would also be a lover of "Twilight", and would be more than glad to drive them to the theatre to see the movie. Which, when I told them I wasn't a fan of the series, disappointed them so much that I conceded and said I would take them the weekend AFTER the premiere weekend. I don't want to end up in the mishmash of people going this weekend. And it'll be easier for me to buy a ticket to another movie and then sneaking into this one. I know, I know, my friend said that was such a petty move, but I really don't want my measly ticket counting toward some final total...

I gotta admit, it's cute how much my cousins like the series. While I might rant about it to friends and family, it's kind of hard to tell thirteen/fifteen year olds that this is a movie of a book series that irritates me, I hate Edward Cullen (they love him, for the record), Bella annoys me, I am baffled by their love story, and blahblahblah. Cause that's what I would sound like to them. Blah blah blah blah.

What's weird... I remember the weeks going up to the first Harry Potter movie and how darn excited I was. I remember reading every article I could get my hands on and buying tons of newspapers that had even the smallest clipping about the movie/book/ and clipping them out to save. I remember attending the midnight premiere with a bunch of friends and cheering when two of my friends, in costume, had a mock duel in the front of the theatre. (Yay for fan involvement) It was, in one word, awesome.

Newspapers and reviewers have been comparing the "Twilight" phenomenon with Harry Potter and I've been mostly bristling at that comparison, but... I guess I see their point. Sort of.

But our books were different.

So, er, there.

Note: to be clear, I actually think the movie will be much better than the books. Just staying. Catherine Hardwick is directing, of Thirteen fame. I loved, loved that movie, so I think this isn't going to be a badder take on a bad book. It's going to be like the opposite of the HP movies (for me, anyways) where the books were more appealing than the movies.




I'm laughing so hard. This review by James Wolcott of Vanity Fair is just about the funniest review I've read about "Twilight". And it's not totally disparaging...

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