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I have no idea how many parts this is going to be, considering how spastic I am and how much there is to describe... but here goes nothing!

Thailand and its glorious, sunny weather )

December 24, Sunday )

December 25, Monday )

Next up is Cambodia!


Apr. 28th, 2006 12:47 am
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I meant to mention this earlier, but I'll be in Shanghai from April 28 - May 7 for the Golden Week holidays. I will have internet access (yay) so comment if there is some dire need to contact me during this time period. For all I know, I could be surfing the net the whole time I'm there...


Anyways, anything people are hankering for from the big land of Red?
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Taiwan was so much fun that I almost regret being back to the daily mechanics of reality. Almost.

But then not because the next chapter of Furuba is coming out in a few days! Woot!

I picked up more manga than I planned, but I don't regret it for a moment because whee, I have so much to read now. I got several new shoujo series and the continuation of some shonen series. I also managed to find new volumes of yaoi manga, all gorgeous and tight asses. Wow. I never thought I'd say that. ;) But truly, I found a couple new artists I really like, and Moon Bleu (the company that licenses some of the best of the best in yaoi manga in Taiwan) has increased their collection by quite a bit. It was gorgeous and I had a moment of nirvana, I swear.

Food? Well. Like Korea, I ate my way through Taiwan in what would probably be a startling fashion to anyone but those who know me.

But yeah. The biggest thing? Manga. Manga. And more manga. I also picked up the first volume of the Kyou Kara Maoh novels and will start reading soon.

Mm. Yaoi...
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Some of you might be interested in King and the Clown. It's a box office smash for South Korea and it deals with a taboo subject that was only recently on the list of 'unacceptable behaviour' in SK. =)

I plan on getting my hands on a copy to see if it's any good. I hope it'll be released in the US... though I doubt it. When was the last time a Korean movie was released in the good old US of A?

And related to this; I leave for South Korea tonight! I'm taking a night train to Osaka where I will then fly from Kansai International Airport! I'll be in Seoul by Saturday afternoon and will be there until Tuesday! I fully intend to eat my way through Korea, if possible. =) Some people visit museums, some go to historical sites... as for me?

I eat as many regional things as possible. ;)

I am also highly anticipating the visit to the DMZ, the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. One of the reasons why it interests me so much is because there are many Koreans who have not seen relatives for over over fifty years, and it rings strongly with the regrets my grandparents had in leaving China for Taiwan and thus, never seeing most of their family again. There's a lot of history there I can't really explain, but it's one of the things that stay with me; the terrible regret my grandfather felt before passing away.

... but enough with that. I'll try to provide a full account when I come back.
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I'm off to Kyoto tonight for one fabulous (and exhausting) 24 hour trip! Meeting [ profile] jetleigh there, along with her, *cough*, boyfriend. Le sigh.

I'm bringing the chapter 117 of Furuba with me. XD

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