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I got rid of my PS2 when I left Japan (seriously, I could't afford to send any more things home at the rate I was going) and one of my friends bought it. I just got the new slimline PS2 (which, OMG, is so tiny!) and decided I would replay the FF series, starting from VII.

And I'm DYING to get Yuffie. I usually get Yuffie the first chance I can, which is right outside Fort Condor, but remembering that Vincent has an unusual reaction to Yuffie if you have him in your party when you happen upon her, I decided to, just this once to get Vincent first. UGH, I MISS YUFFIE. It feels so odd and queer not to have her around for several of the fights. For one thing, I've got weapons for her up the hooha. I'm about to finish the Gi Cave... which means I'll be getting Vincent and THEN I'LL GET YUFFIE.

Also. it's weird playing the game on a flatscreen. Everything seems just slightly fuzzy if you look closely.

Though, on that note, I went to Zack's house in Gongaga for the very first time without Aeris or Tifa, and had a Cloud-only reaction to their questions. But, yeah, I started over so I could watch Aeris again and...

I'd forgotten how stupidly tragic Zack's life ended up, because of stupid Shinra and Hojo. For one thing, his poor mom and dad. Ten years, and still with no knowledge that their only child's dead. And Aeris; Zack didn't dump her, he didn't just lose interest. He was trapped in that lab for five years, and in the end, he was still as cheerful as ever and died to save Cloud.

ARGH. I totally got all choked up last night over Gongaga. One thing about the Final Fantasy VII Compilation that I'll always be grateful for, is the expanded history and life we get on Zack. It's subtle and wonderful in the game, but having the rest just makes me a happy camper.

Seriously. There's Aeris-resurrection fics. Where's the Zack resurreciton fics?
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My Japan blog has been updated!

And HOLYMOTHEREFFINGOD!!! I can play FFVII: Before Crisis, the game on cellphones! It was originally only for Docomo, but they're releasing it for Softbank and Yahoo customers now. And guess what? Yeah! I'm a Softbank customer! I GET TO PLAY BEFORE CRISIS. YO, this is perfect, I was about to switch phones anyways and now I know exactly what phone to get.

The phone that'll allow me to play the game of course! Who cares if I won't understand most of what's going on! That's A-OKAY.

And I still have to pick up the PSP, since Crisis Core is coming out for that. Oh, I know this is just their way to get rabid FFVII fans to buy all these different products, but never let it be said that my mum doesn't think I'm a bit over the top sometimes. ;) I'm getting the DS next month (probably ice blue or pink!), and I've been thinking about the Wii. I know I want the PS3, but I'm going to wait for a price drop (not to mention the fact that there's no game I can't wait to play on it yet). As for the Wii... well, it has Zelda. 'nuff said. I think I'll wait for the PSP until Crisis Core actually comes out.
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I haven't been posting at all lately due to mainly work. There was an English speech contest on Saturday and I'd basically devoted my life to it for the last two weeks. Seriously, staying at work until 8 and 9, having these fourteen year old girls repeat after me, eating random bits of rice balls to stave off hunger... I almost went insane. I think I did go a little insane. Hee. Saturday was excellent though, since nearly all my third year students won awards. Only four out of twelve of them didn't end up with an award. The second year students weren't so lucky, but the thing was that I'd been working with the third years for almost a month whereas the second years ended up coming to me literally the week of the competition. They were disappointed, but they've already rallied and insisted on going again next year. I feel a teeny bit sad and regretful that I won't be able to watch them bulldoze to the finish line. I love Japan, the crew, and even at times, the job, but I'm ready to move onto my next RALLY-HO!

By the way, I've become re-infatuated with FF again. ALL of them. I'm replaying FFIX right now, and I think I'll hit FFVII afterwards before doing FFX and maybe finishing up my last game of FFVIII. And sadly, I still have to play Kingdom Hearts II. I know, I know, I hear the gasps of you haven't played it yet??!!! and it's true, I've had the game (delivered via the absolutely tasty [ profile] kawaiiayu for literally months and months now but I've yet to touch it. That's just the way I am; with any game except for the FF series, I'll sometimes sit on them for months, even years, before I play them. With KHII, I have a better excuse.

Once winter hits, there will be no going out for this gal (five foot snowdrifts, freezing temperatures, nasty weather all around. Then, oh, then I'll attack the game with a ferocious chomp.

I do rather miss the music. *tear*

I'm catching up with my emails, promise. Just as soon as, uh, I have more time. ;)
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I haven't owned a handheld console since the Gameboy Color. And suddenly, I have been filled with the urge to own the DS. The coral pink one no less. (pink? AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH PINK???) But I'm looking at all the lovely games on the GBA and I've read that there's an extra slot on the DS that will allows GBA and DS compatability? Which means I can play GBA games on the DS lite, right?

Does anyone on my flist do handhelds, especially the newer ones?

... and I suddenly miss the Sega GameGear. ;_;


Never mind, it's true! YES! I'm getting a Nintendo DS Lite!
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Just a heads up that I'm alive and well... but I've received my PS2 in the mail from my darling brother and most of my games so I'm playing to my hearts content. Because, for one thing, no parents to nag at me for playing so many video games. XD

He somehow missed FFVIII and FFIX, the two I really wanted to replay, but I guess there's nothing to be done about it. I ordered them online and hopefully, it'll arrive in a week or two. In the meantime, I'm finishing up an old FFVII file and am going to attempt to max out my characters in FFX, like they properly should be. I'll also try to finally get 100% in FFX-2, since I only made it to 91% the first time around. =)

Not dead. Just, you know... playing video games.

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