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Michelle Obama was recently discovered to be wearing $11,000 earrings and there were a number of comments (both positive and negative) about it that I found funny. People are comparing this with the Palin wardrobe controversy (which I found slightly ridiculous on both ends of the 'debate') but I find that stupid.

There were commentators that were defending her by saying, "Oh, her husband paid for them," as a way of differentiating her from the fact that Palin's wardrobe was largely paid by Republican funds and/or donors. But.

People forget that Michelle Obama worked and had a well-paying job before this Presidential campaign and election. She made more money than Obama did as Senator.

She pays for own damn earrings.

... for some reason, this is ticking me off. For an otherwise stock article on the First Lady-elect's clothing/accessories, this is not a very rational response. Especially since, more likely, someone gave her the earrings or loaned them to her.


Here's the link!
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It's so late right now, but gotta get those two damn cents in. ZOMBIE. Braaaaaaains.

I've been skimming this thread. Same old, same old. If the fandom has a 'significant' (however you choose to quantify that) female character, there bounds to be the same arguments. And I can hardly be surprised it showed up in a show that's wildly popular (um... in certain circles) and has a cast of changing companions to one main, male protagonist.

One thing that always strikes me...

lots of the same old, same old )

Gosh, I'm so tired, marshmallow teletubbies sound good. What? But basically!

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Had to do this one though. I actually reshuffle my interests every so often, so right now, Doctor Who is taking over.

So I was adding some new interests to my LJ profile (because I, uh... have some new interests. Yes.) and found myself feeling defensive every time I typed a female name, thinking, basically, FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME, because I felt as if someone somewhere was going to be criticizing my love for them.

So, anyway, then I made a list of women who make me want to say FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME. They are far from the only women who are awesome, or the only women people need to be told to step off of, but they are the top ten I feel that way about, right now, off the top of my head.

If you want to argue with me about the awesomeness of any of these women, I am afraid I will simply be referring you to the subject line. THAT IS ALL.

Also. This reflects my current shinies. ;) PLEASE UNDERSTAND.

1. Rose Tyler (whodathunk?)
2. Donna Noble
3. Tifa Lockhart
4. Temperance Brennan
5. Haruno Sakura
6. Martha Jones
7. Sohma Akito
8. Relena Darlian
9. Zoe Washburne
10. Toshiko Sato
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Insufficient evidence for a heinous rape case.

The post is by [ profile] darkrosetiger and it links to the relevant information.

Please spread this out if you wish.
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South Dakota and the official WTF of the week.

A few random facts:
It is a midwestern state, located north of Nebraska and east of Montana and Wyoming. It is also, coincidentally, the site of Mount Rushmore. (yes, the irony rather burns) The population is around 775,000 people. It is a predominantly white state with a predominantly Republican base. They are largely Christian and Protestant.

And there are some spectacular idiots there. But I digress.

I somehow get the feeling that the legislators might have bitten off a wee bit more than they should have.

Admittedly, Samuel Alito looks like he has the touch of pro-life in him. But it's not for sure. The law they passed is so ridiculously stringent that most moderate Republicans would probably find it repulsive. Believe it or not, moderate conservatives do exist and they'd find this fairly dumb. I know there are hopes that this will eventually land in the Supreme Court, thus pushing Roe vs. Wade to the forefront and finally, finally deciding whether it was 'right' or 'wrong'. What will this result in?

Scenario - states that were fairly liberal to begin with would pass laws that allow choice. States that are not so liberal would ban abortion, thus either forcing a pregnant woman to cross state lines to access abortion or... worst scenario, their movement would be restricted.

I think that was what made me go cold. The idea that a pregnant woman would be literally trapped where she couldn't get any help, where she would be forced to have a baby she didn't want, where she'd be...

Basically, this news makes me sick to my stomach. And South Dakota suddenly moved north on my list of States I Will Never Visit.

(on a side note, the state of Dakota has fewer people than Toyama. That's a little scary, considering how much sometimes think think this is the bumfuck of nowhere.)

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