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I think I'm getting old, but I'm always a little mystified by love triangles in fiction. It seems to be most prevalent in young adult fiction, but there's definitely plenty of it everywhere else.

I mean. Come on. It's difficult enough these days to find one person who's just for you; how does one even deal with two? Wouldn't it be incredibly hard to find yourself in love with two people? Yeah, you could say it's 'romantic' or that there's just a part of you that will always be with the other person you didn't choose, but... I don't think that's a good thing.

Love's pretty crap, man. It's like this horrible thing that punches you in the eye and then uppercuts you like a pixelated scene from Street Fighter II when you're staggering back in excruciating pain.

Or this could be the crankyoldmaid in me talking. WHO KNOWS?
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It's time for some peanut butter cups.
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I finished my Percy entry. Sent my Percy entry. And am thoroughly annoyed at myself. Once we can reveal who we are, I'll say why, but seriously. I am such a silly GOOSE.

Though I have to say... I feel a hells lot better! RELIEF! ASSIGNMENT IS DONE! YES!

Celebration with strawberry ice cream and good popsicle. Mmmmm.

By the way. Japan is steaming hot right now. Seriously.

... I miss Seattle.
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I think, if there's anything that will instantly annoy me in writing, there's nothing like the line of,

a single tear glistened on her cheek


a lonely tear rolled down her face


how does a person squeeze one tear out? how about the other eye? You can't make just one eye have a tear!

... oh, wait. That's my line. ;)

I don't know what about it annoys me so much, but it does. Everytime I read it in a fic, I either start snickering, completely breaking the mood or I roll my eyes. I think I've done it before, which makes it all the more annoying. I just realized I had this annoyance when I was reading a FFX fic, and a line like that popped up on the end of what was a decent fic, and it lost me. It just lost me in a way that nothing else has lost me. No, seriously. You could insert an author's line in the middle of a fic (I don't know why, but I find these hilarious!) and it never bothered me in the way that the 'single lonely tear' did.

Methinks my eccentricities have come into play again.


Oct. 17th, 2005 03:18 pm
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I have been writing, believe it or not. (wait, no, don't believe it because I'll only disappoint!)

Working on a Trelawney fic, McGonagall fic, and Remus fic. Odd trio, to be told, but I couldn't write Snape for some damn reason and Riddle gave me hell for trying to creep through his mind.

FFVII fics by the dozen and none of them want to be finished. Mostly because it's been a long while since I've written anything really romantic and darn it, I want to make it romantic. I love Yuffie and I want her and Vincent to be happy but is that happening in twenty pages? Nuh uh, I don't think so!


Rikku-fic, Akito-fic, Ritsu-fic, Rin-fic, AmericanGods-fic, and a number of other things that suck and suck and suck. Blargh. I've never felt this incompetant before.


That felt good to get off my chest.
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You know, I'm rereading some of my older fic on and I shudder at the maudlin nature of so many of them.

Oh man, nothing like reading old-fic to get a punch in the gut.

They honestly suck. ;_;

And my style of writing's changed so much! I used to do first person POV so much but I hardly do it anymore... it's like I've forgotten how to write it. Bad, very bad.

Ah, writing.


Oct. 2nd, 2005 02:20 am
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While I would love to keep to just FFVII, this makes me all hot and bothered. ~_^

Ships, ahoy! )

Yuffie and Vincent deserve their own special little post. =)

I think it's time I started writing fic again.
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For some reason, I've started a fic project that will probably drive me mad in the end. ;_;

But it makes me really happy. Weird.

Okay, anyways.

Broad question(s): if you had one chance, just one chance to go back in time, to the past, whatever, to change the way things were in order to change the way things are, would you take that chance? More importantly, if you knew that killing one person would mean saving a hundred others, would you kill that person, even if he or she is still only a child? Would you try to change that child in order to avoid that future, but risk it happening it anyways? Believe in destiny much?

I hope this becomes my baby. =P

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