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Now that the moment of unabashed fangirling is done and passed, lets go take a look at the things that bothered me.

This is a better-worded, better-written, and more articulate piece about X-men and superhero movies/comics in general!

Alexander Chee's critique of the American superhero comics>

spoilers for X-men: First Class and creaky attempts at meta )

Even with all its flaws, I adored it. I guess this is partly why I even wrote this rather confusing ramble; you can recognize something for its problems and still love it!

Also. Michael Fassbender is beyond hot and he and James McAvoy have the sort of onscreen chemistry I'm always wishing for. YUM.
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This, oh my gosh, this.

This is what I wanted the prequel to be. Essentially a look at the tragic friendship and love Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier have (had, will always have) for each other.

Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy completely made these two characters their own. You could see echoes of their future counterparts, and it felt so completely natural.

I am in love.
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Title: "Stop, Rewind"

By: [ profile] demeter918

Disclaimer: X-men and its collective entities, interests, and related material does not belong to me.

Notes: For the long-suffering [ profile] heeroluva, who bid on me months and months and months ago in the Haiti auction. It took me longer than a pretentious wine to get the right rhythm and this became the Looming Elephant In The Room. All I have to say after this unforgivably long time? I haven't worked this hard on a fic in years. And after all that writer's block? I have been feeling a lot more juice (ew, fluids) in these hands o' mine.

Not that, um, it means I have anything new. -_-;;




It's a terrible thing, the way time changes things. )
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Saw it finally and while I totally enjoyed it on a visceral level, there is definitely a part of me that's just a wee bit disappointed.

let me ramble on about why )

I keep waiting for a Gambit movie that'll feature Rogue.


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