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Second part and this one is a killer because this is the section that has 'fairy tales'... almost the reason why I read/participate in Yuletide in the first place.

* Stars denote a more specific rec. And/Or more love.

Yuletide Recs F - L: Chronicles of Narnia, Fairy Tales, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy XIII, Gargoyles, Greek and Roman Mythology, Howl's Moving Castle, His Dark Materials, Graveyard Book, Jurassic Park, Little Mermaid, Love Mode, Love Actually )
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Doing Yuletide recs this year and have decided to be slow and methodical about it. Huh. Strange feeling.

*Stars denote a more specific rec.

Yuletide Recs A-E: A Little Princess, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Alice in Wonderland (2009), Anne of Green Gables, Archie, Beauty and the Beast (1991), Babysitter's Club, Bourne Trilogy, Burn Notice, Calvin and Hobbes, Despicable Me, Earthsea - Ursula K. Le Guin )

I'm really enjoying the fics I've read so far, though I feel like I'm missing something...
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I received the loveliest, loveliest Yuletide fic, for a fandom I have so little to read for, especially good fic.

I'll Still Be Here in the Morning by Anonymous. Love Mode, Jin/Katsuki

Whoever wrote that, must either have read through my recs and fics and known what I'd wanted, because that's what I wanted! I am so unbelievably happy with this fic! It makes me all giddy and excited and I've already copy and pasted it to my hard drive so I can read it whenever I want. =) Katsuki is one of those idiot characters that somehow turn into the character you really identify with. I loved, loved him and the relationship between him and Jin. This fic really captures what I love most about the pairing. =)

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Dear [ profile] yuletide Writer...

Boo. )
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I got Spice and Wolf fic! You would not believe how much I shrieked when I found out the fandom my lovely mystery writer chose! It's so hard to find well-written fic for this fandom (which I love love love love love love) and the fic is fantastic!

Look Not Unto the Past is the sort of fic that I gulp up, a little bit of gen, a little bit of fluff, lots of Lawrence (who is secretly the love of... at least a week). It gives bits and pieces that give us a fuller background to the S&W world.

Whoever you are, I love you.

(and I have a million and ten recs to make)
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Ha, I actually finished and posted my story yesterday. That's so rare for me, considering my history of procrastination and sheer laziness.

Ho ho ho ho ho ho!

Also, the snow in the Pacific NW has locked me in. CABIN FEVER! YAY!
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It's time for some peanut butter cups.
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I'm just the teensiest bit nervous. I don't do well under time constraints (as many of you had firsthand experience with) but I've wanted to participate in Yuletide for the past five years. I kept putting it off because college was going on and then I was in Japan for three years (which sucked me dry in terms of creative output). But I think (hopefully) I'm ready... EEP.


A couple people suggested I write a short letter to my Yuletide writer.

But I can't think of anything to write, so, just write whatever you feel is doable with the fandoms/pairings selected.

I'm kind of excited. XD

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