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Hi, my name is Demeter and... and... and I'm a zombie. Yes, I am. Bit today, gone tomorrow, like they say! But really, we're very nice creatures! I'd like to announce my candidacy for leader of Japan, now that the government is so very unfortunately in chaos, and I promise we'll get every shambling zombie into a factory so that reproduction of expensive toys will be restarted immediately!

The economy will go on, a fine testament to the hard-working nature of zombies. All we need is a little sustenance braaaaiiins here and there and you'll never need a third world country again!

We're also going to push for the Zombie Unification Bill. We're creatures, and we deserve rights! We deserve three square meals a day, a warehouse to ramble in, and enclosed spaces so that the sun doesn't hit us.

Here, and now, I promise this!


Free bumper stickers and pins at your local post office.


too late for it, but too much fun to pass up!
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I'm barricaded in my apartment now, all sorts of shit went down in less than three hours, WTF? I took the kids to the police station and most of their parents were there too and that WASN'T ALL.

Those, THINGS. Zombies? Gosh, they reminded me of pudding gone green and moldy. Maybe it was the smell though, they kind of smelled like dirt and rotten eggs, but not really? You know how you leave the chicken out and it gets all wet and slimy and the smell that emanates? It's like that except maybe a bit of spice. Hey, that spice was smelling a bit like cinnamon; reminds me of the time my dad and I got into a fight over Cinnabon rolls because I wanted to eat one and he was being such an arse about it because he thought it was too fattening. C'mon, I can enjoy the occasional pastry, can't I? It's like he wants me to be as thin as a model, but seriously! There aren't as many happy models out there as you'd think. I'm very happy... um, wait.



I had been unlocking the door to the van, intent on driving back to my apartment to check the internet when those things start shambling toward me. The cops behind me scream - like little kids - and rush back inside without me. I have to jump into the van and lock the door, literally seconds before they're pounding on my windows. Lemme tell you, those motherfuckers are ugly and gross and they left rotting skin on the outside. EW.

I tore out of there not a moment too late; I wish I could have made the kids stay in the van and taken them with me because the zombies lost interest in me almost immediately. Last I saw, they'd surrounded the station and were battering to get in...

But I made it back to my apartment and barricaded myself in. I'm lucky I'm on the sixth floor, but there's a staircase from the bottom to the top, and I'm hiding in my bed right now, shaking because I just checked the net and it's all over, everywhere. Zombies. Zombies. ZOMBIES. MOTHERFUCKING ZOMBIES IN EVERY MOTHERFUCKING CITY.
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I turned the TV on and all I got was static on NHK. I have a bad feeling about this. I've locked the doors to the teacher's room and have brought all the students in because I swear I've seen this before. Right? No, wait, that time, the school was pulling a massive prank, hahaha. Anyways, I switched channels forever and ever and finally found a satellite station still working. I swear, Japanese is so hard to understand when they're flapping at high speed and showing pictures of drunk folk. Please. Like we need any more pictures of drunk idiots.

Still no one answering phones from parents, no one calling, this is so odd. There's a big van outside that belongs to the school... I suppose I could take them to the police station and see where we could go from there?

Interesting that I have time to update amid this weird shit going on.
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I came to work today and everything along the way was so quiet; I'd never seen the city so silent. I saw some people weaving in one of the alleyways and I couldn't believe there were drunk people already, but I suppose it's sport time, so there's tons of people out there going to enkais and crap like that.

When I got to work, there was like nobody at school. WTF? There were only a few students wandering around and they had no clue. I hadn't gotten a phone call or email about school being canceled... either way, I'm worried about the kids. I told them to call home for their family to come pick them up and no one is answering. Literally, I've got ten students with me and not a single one of them can contact home.

WTF is going on?

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